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Videos and Demos

Watch a variety of IT videos and demos explaining different aspects of Cloud Computing, Disaster Recovery, and Managed Hosting. Browse several different topics and find IT management training and solutions that are designed to simplify.

View the PLANet Software demo
The solution for reduced risk and simplified regulatory compliance.
View the Notifind Keeps the State of North Dakota on Alert video
Dawn Moen, from the Risk Management Division , state of North Dakota, discusses how LDRPS and Notifind have revolutionized the way that the state communicates with employees and students during emergencies.
View the The SunGard Cloud Story video
SunGard Availability Services' Chief Technology Officer explains how The SunGard Cloud started from the realization that the industry has a whole new platform for delivering a whole new set of services.
View a representative SunGard Data Center
View detailed specifications within our interactive representative of a SunGard Data Center.
View the "Who Are Our Customers" Walkthrough
Typical availability challenges and how SunGard can help.
View the NotiFind Overview
Discover a better way to contact employees, vendors and other critical personnel with an emergency notification system.
View the LDRPS demo
Get an in-depth look at the most widely used business continuity planning software in the industry.
SunGard's Disaster Recovery and Testing Services keep the State of Rhode Island Prepared for Disasters or Interruptions of any Size
Michael Lombardi, deputy information processing officer for the State of Rhode Island, discusses SunGard's disaster recovery services and excellent customer support, SunGard provides disaster recovery solutions to the entire State of Rhode Island, and provides the safety net the State needs to conduct operations through an interruption of any size, from a small fire to a state-wide hurricane.
View the Enterprise Cloud Services Demo
Find out how SunGard's Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution works.
International User Group Forum 2011
Tracey Forbes, vice president, Product Development discusses why you should attend the SunGard BC Software International User Group Forum.
LDRPS, BIA Professional and NotiFind: an intuitive system
Pearson's disjointed methods for BC planning was difficult to keep current and up-to-date. Kate Thibeault from Pearson shows how LDRPS, BIA Professional and NotiFind standardized their plans across cross-functional teams and units.
LDRPS as one cohesive tool
Kurt Sohn from Capgemini discusses how LDRPS stabilized their disparate, cumbersome and time consuming BC plans into one cohesive tool.
SunGard executives discuss meeting customer needs with Enterprise Cloud Solution
SunGard executives talk about building the SunGard Enterprise Cloud Solution and the decision to use Vblock(TM) by VCE (a joint partnership formed by Cisco, VMWare and EMC) as the underlying platform for the cloud technology solution.
Rahul Bakshi on where cloud computing is headed
Rahul Bakshi, vice president, Managed Services Strategy & Solution Design at SunGard Availability Services, sees a continuation of the maturity of cloud offerings with additional security enhancements and convergence of various cloud solution technologies and standards to better address customer needs in 2011.
Rahul Bakshi on the SunGard Enterprise Cloud Solution
Rahul Bakshi, vice president, Managed Services Strategy & Solution Design at SunGard Availability Services, discusses how the SunGard Enterprise Cloud Solution is a natural evolution of the services that SunGard has been providing to customers for years.
Steve Zimmerman, the director of global infrastructure a BDP International, talks about how SunGard provides access to critical business information for both BDP and its international client base
To maintain information availability, BDP has hosted its Global Data Center – the organization’s primary suite of IT infrastructure hardware and software applications – at a SunGard facility, helping keep BDP people and clients throughout the world connected at all times.
Harriet Edleman, co-chairperson of Summitas, describes how SunGard keeps her mission critical environment up-and-running for her clients.
Summitas enables customers to create their own virtual family office, which provides secure access to important documents and information anytime, anywhere. To provide this service, Summitas utilizes SunGard Managed Hosting Services to deliver a production computing environment, to meet real-time, on-demand customer requirements today and be positioned to grow to address new opportunities in the future.
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