Delivering Cloud Solutions for Healthcare IT

Delivering Cloud Solutions for Healthcare IT


Sungard Availability Services and Dell EMC partner with you to provide trusted, managed hybrid cloud solutions to ensure that your healthcare environment is always on and always available.

We are committed to providing solutions that are responsive to the changing healthcare environment and which work seamlessly with your EHR, clinical applications, and IT infrastructure to meet regulatory compliance standards and ensure business continuity. Our solutions deliver a clear return on investment with extensive capabilities, including continuous real-time data access, the ability to meet business and clinical SLAs, and quantified recovery time and recovery point objectives – all of which lead to improved patient engagement and outcomes.

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Delivering Trusted IT Infrastructure For Healthcare

Data Diagnosis: Keeping Healthcare Data Protected, Available, Actionable

Preventative Medicine: The Prognosis for Healthcare Data Protection

Keeping healthcare information always on, always available, and always protected for patient care diagnosis and treatment has never been more critical. In fact, patient care depends on it.

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Delivering Trusted IT Infrastructure for Healthcare

Deliver the right information directly to point of care, empower healthcare providers to continuously improve care delivery, and drive new business efficiencies and savings.

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Identifying the Risks that Reside In Healthcare IT Environments

Your healthcare enterprise relies on three pillars - the quality of your patient care, the effectiveness of your business resiliency, and your organization's solid reputation.

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Is Your Healthcare IT Environment Ready?

Identifying gaps in your infrastructure, technology, personnel, and governance affords you the opportunity to create a strategy that will ensure your desired end-state – for IT and for your business.

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