Comprehensive and flexible Recovery Services for NetApp Storage Environments

Sungard Availability Services RaaS for NetApp is a suite of services that delivers recovery of your NetApp storage environment, including daily data backup, replication, and fully managed recovery services.

Continued explosive data growth has put traditional data protection methods under pressure. Tape-based backup methods, in particular, are outmoded consuming IT budgets and creating administrative complexity. As a basis for recovery, tape is high-risk, resource intensive, and unreliable – and slows the recovery beyond what most organizations can tolerate. In many cases, these risks have called into question the need to continue traditional backup methods altogether.

Recognizing these limitations, many organizations have adopted more efficient disk-based protection methods such as that enabled by the NetApp suite of data management software and hardware. Snapshot capabilities built into NetApp disk have become a popular alternative to traditional backup. However, recovery options have focused on data without the end-to-end services approach required to ensure coherent OS and VM recovery.

The Sungard AS Recovery-as-a-Service (RaaS) suite offers a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to managing data protection in NetApp storage environments which is designed to ensure the successful capture, replication, and retention of data while also delivering tiered OS and VM recovery options at a secondary recovery location.



Shared Services Brochure Services BrochureCloud;Data Centre Services;IT Consulting;Managed Services;Networks and Security;Business Continuity and Recovery;Applications and SoftwareMeeting financial and performance challenges of Government.
Backup and Recovery Programme Management Brochure and Recovery Programme Management BrochureBusiness Continuity and RecoveryCan you be sure you can recover using your backups?
Recover2Cloud for Vaulting for VaultingCloud Services;Disaster RecoveryRecover2Cloud for Vaulting delivers fully managed cloud-based recovery with modernized data protection
Flexible and Efficient Storage: Sungard AS Shared Storage Area Network (SAN) Services and Efficient Storage: Sungard AS Shared Storage Area Network (SAN) ServicesHosting ServicesAt a time when the exponential growth of data is placing increased burdens on a company's IT infrastructure, they need a flexible and efficient strategy for storing, accessing and protecting their data. Sungard AS Shared Storage Area Network (SAN) Services is an effective way to match application performance requirements with the appropriate tier of storage, delivered in a transactional pricing model.
BIA Professional ProfessionalBusiness ContinuityBIA Professional®, the business impact analysis software delivered by Sungard AS, organizes complex data into a format that can be used to move your continuity program forward whether you are just establishing a BC/DR plan, or you already have a plan in place and want to refine and deepen it.
LDRPS - Living Disaster Recovery Planning System - Living Disaster Recovery Planning SystemBusiness ContinuityLDRPS® is powerful planning software, the preferred choice of business continuity professionals, and is informed by the continued feedback of a vast user network.
Security and Compliance Services - Higher Education and Compliance Services - Higher EducationSecurity &; ComplianceColleges and universities have a complex set of security risks and requirements. Educators and students are amongst the greatest consumers of IT resources (and are also the greatest source of potential security incidents).
Workforce Continuity - Mobile Recovery Services Continuity - Mobile Recovery ServicesBusiness ContinuityMobile Work Area Recovery Services from Sungard Availability Services keep your people close to home following an outage or disaster, and support training and testing activities. These services lay a firm foundation for added recovery options, including facility-based recovery, replacement drop-ship of new systems and dedicated workspace environments which are strategically located for easy access when disruptions occur.
Managed SIEM: Making security SIEMple SIEM: Making security SIEMpleSecurity &; ComplianceSecurity is a responsibility that is hard to keep up with. Not only are companies seeing exponential increases in the sheer volume of threats, but the complexity of those threats is dramatically rising as well. Attempts to counteract this evolving threat landscape have led to a proliferation of security devices that can actually obscure visibility, and ultimately, real threats. The data collected from those devices can be cumbersome to manage without common visibility. Yet IT departments are under pressure to demonstrate the value of security investments.
Data Sheet | Southwark Bridge Road Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | Southwark Bridge Road Workplace Recovery Centre Business Continuity and RecoveryDownload the Southwark Bridge Road Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.​
Data Sheet | Theale Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | Theale Workplace Recovery CentreBusiness Continuity and RecoveryDownload the ​Theale Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.
Brochure | QuickShip and Mobile Recovery | QuickShip and Mobile Recovery Business Continuity and RecoverySungard Availability Services recognises that business continuity testing can result in disruption for your technical and office staff and, ultimately, your organisation. This is exacerbated at time of disaster.​
Brochure | Recover2Cloud | Recover2Cloud Cloud;Business Continuity and Recovery​Sungard Availability Services’ Recover2Cloud Server Replication is a managed service that protects your data and ensures rapid recovery of failed systems in the event of a disaster.​
Data Sheet | Warrington Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | Warrington Workplace Recovery CentreBusiness Continuity and RecoveryDownload the Warrington Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.​
Managed Enterprise Storage Replication (ESR) for EMC Enterprise Storage Replication (ESR) for EMCDisaster RecoveryData protection and recovery is capital intensive and storage arrays are typically the biggest component cost. With Managed Enterprise Storage Replication (ESR) for EMC, Sungard AS takes on the responsibility for replicating your critical data from your primary EMC storage environment to a Sungard AS secondary EMC environment. Your mission critical data is stored at a world-class recovery data center in a hydrated, ready-to-use state that you can retrieve and restore 24/7. All without the added capital expense of secondary site storage and infrastructure.
Backup, Replication And Data Recovery – Fully Managed By Sungard, Replication And Data Recovery – Fully Managed By SungardDisaster Recovery;Hosting ServicesYour applications are what drive your business and the availability of those applications is what makes you successful. Sungard AS provides for application availability using end-to-end data protection solutions to help you manage your data more efficiently, effectively, and securely.Through our partnership with industry-leading backup and replication technology partners, Sungard AS’s Managed Backup Services, provides a utility-based pricing model backed by SLA’s, application-level recovery and a is CapEx-free solution.
Brochure | Continuity Management Programme | Continuity Management Programme Business Continuity and RecoveryBusiness Continuity Management (BCM) is increasingly important to many ​​​organisations. However, some organisations may feel they do not have the resources or expertise to deliver good practice BCM.​
Brochure | Backup and Recovery Programme Management | Backup and Recovery Programme Management Business Continuity and Recovery​Backing up critical data is standard practice for any organisation that wants to recover should the worst happen. ​To help organisations ensure they adopt backup and recovery good practice – we have developed Backup and Recovery Programme Management.
Data Sheet | Bristol Workplace Recovery Sheet | Bristol Workplace RecoveryBusiness Continuity and RecoveryDownload the Bristol Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet
Brochure | Continuity Management Solution (CMS) | Continuity Management Solution (CMS)Sungard AS’s Continuity Management Solution (CMS) leverages a common platform that enables data consistency across multiple planning, testing and execution-management processes, as well as standardised reporting. ​​​
Data Sheet | Crawley Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | Crawley Workplace Recovery CentreBusiness Continuity and RecoveryDownload the Crawley Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.​
Brochure | Data Profiling | Data ProfilingIT ConsultingSungard AS’s Data Profiling Service allows organisations to review the data held in Windows environments, enabling them to determine their value to the business and to identify those which can be deleted, archived or retained in the live environment.​
Brochure | ICT Resilience Review | ICT Resilience ReviewS​ungard AS ICT Resilience Review provides organisations with an evaluation of their ​ICT infrastructure and provides customers a detailed report of vulnerabilities and recommendations aligned to best practice. This review is ideal for customers wishing to develop a roadmap for the future and to justify investment in their environment. This service aligns with components of the BSI’s BS 25999 and the principles of BS 25777.
Data Sheet | Leicester Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | Leicester Workplace Recovery Centre Business Continuity and RecoveryDownload the Leicester Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.​
Data Sheet | Livingston Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | Livingston Workplace Recovery CentreBusiness Continuity and RecoveryDownload the Livingston Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.​
Data Sheet | LTC Hounslow Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | LTC Hounslow Workplace Recovery Centre Business Continuity and RecoveryDownload the LTC Hounslow Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.​
Brochure | Managed Server Replication and Recovery | Managed Server Replication and Recovery ​Sungard Availability Services’ Managed Server Replication & Recovery is a managed service that protects your data, keeps critical servers running and ensures rapid recovery of failed systems in the event of a disaster.​
Data Sheet | Poole Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | Poole Workplace Recovery CentreBusiness Continuity and RecoveryDownload the Poole Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.​
Brochure | Recovery Services | Recovery Services Managed Services;Business Continuity and RecoveryNo one can afford downtime - especially now. With business confidence increasing, surviving a disaster at a time when organisations are trying to source and create sustainable business value is critical.
Data Sheet | TC3 Woking Technology Centre Sheet | TC3 Woking Technology CentreCloud;Business Continuity and RecoveryDownload the ​TC3, Woking Technology Centre Data Sheet.
Data Sheet | TC4 Elland Technology Centre Sheet | TC4 Elland Technology CentreBusiness Continuity and Recovery;CloudDownload the TC4, Elland Technology Centre Data Sheet.​​
Brochure | Technology Recovery | Technology Recovery Business Continuity and Recovery​Over the past decade Sungard Availability Services UK has been invoked on nearly 1,000 occasions to recover customers’ technology, with hardware failure, data corruption and power failure accounting for more than 80% of technology invocations. So if it took you weeks to integrate each of these disparate but critical systems, how would you recover them all in just minutes or hours after a disruption?​
Brochure | Vaulting Assessment | Vaulting AssessmentApplications and Software;Business Continuity and Recovery;Cloud;Data Centre Services;IT Consulting;Managed Services;Networks and SecuritySungard Availability Services’ electronic vaulting is the most secure and affordable way to backup and restore your data using our highly resilient dual-site vaulting architecture. It is a fully managed, enterprise-class disk-to-disk offsite backup service that provides fast backups, tiered storage, maximum data protection and rapid restore for a wide variety of applications, databases and operating systems.​
Brochure | Vaulting Solutions | Vaulting Solutions Applications and Software;Business Continuity and Recovery;Cloud;Data Centre Services;IT Consulting;Managed Services;Networks and Security​Sungard AS electronic vaulting service eliminates the many problems generally associated with tape backups. Instead, daily backups are encrypted and transmitted, either over the internet or via dedicated communications links, directly to disk in a fault tolerant Technology Centre. This, in turn, is automatically copied to a second geographically separate Technology Centre, giving true resilience.​
Brochure | Vertical Supply Chain Resilience | Vertical Supply Chain ResilienceApplications and Software;Business Continuity and Recovery;Cloud;Data Centre Services;IT Consulting;Managed Services;Networks and SecurityEmployees, faulty products, war, tsunamis, pirates, sabotage, debt, copying, fuel crisis, political and economic uncertainty to name but a few risks; all play their part in disrupting global supply chains. And by the time you find out about the disruption through the news, it’s already too late to avoid the consequences be they loss of earnings, litigation, regulatory fine and the increase in your business continuity insurance.​
Recovery-As-A-Service (RaaS) For EMC Data Domain Environments (RaaS) For EMC Data Domain EnvironmentsApplication Management;Disaster RecoverySungard AS RaaS suite for EMC® Data Domain storage is recovery built on a vaulting foundation. Sungard AS and EMC jointly developed these services to ensure the flexibility, scalability and assured data coherency required for resiliency of a wide variety of applications.
Recovery Services ServicesConsulting Services;Disaster RecoveryAn overview of Sungard AS recovery services, including the Managed Recovery Program, Recover2Cloud, and IT recovery
The Risk-Resilience-Recovery Approach to Data Governance Risk-Resilience-Recovery Approach to Data GovernanceConsulting ServicesCreating a data governance solution that provides holistic oversight, protection, and accountability for organizational data is a complex challenge for many organizations.
Availability, Recovery, Continuity, Recovery, ContinuityBusiness Continuity;Disaster RecoveryWhen you think about availability, recovery and continuity, does your mind immediately think about downtime from factors beyond your control, like natural disasters? In actuality, it's the things within our control everyday that affect uptime the most.
Cloud and Hosting Portfolio at a Glance and Hosting Portfolio at a GlanceCloud Services;Hosting ServicesWe can help you leverage our cloud and hosting services to create the highly resilient and responsive environment you need. As a result, you can move forward with less complexity and more speed as you race to deliver the innovative applications that will differentiate you in the future.
Ramp up your BC/DR program quickly up your BC/DR program quicklyBusiness Continuity;Disaster RecoveryYou’ve made a great start to ensuring “always on” availability for your IT systems by investing in a BC/DR tool. But achieving the rapid time-to-value that marks a truly successful program requires far more than technology alone. It demands organizational productivity. Getting up and running on a new BC/DR software solution can be a complex process. Your BC staff needs to develop the right program strategy and structure up front to get started on the right path. These tasks can be quite challenging when your managers are novices or when they simply have too much on their plate. Yet relying on outside experts, consultants, or documentation does little to address the implementation of your specific program.
Keep critical applications highly available and at peak performance critical applications highly available and at peak performanceApplication ManagementManaging and maintaining your existing missioncritical enterprise applications is complex. And the task will only grow more difficult as you incorporate new cloud solutions to create hybrid environments.
Reliable Recovery for Your VMware Environment Recovery for Your VMware EnvironmentBusiness Continuity;Disaster RecoveryLooking for a VMware disaster recovery solution? Sungard AS's Recover2Cloud for SRM service leverages VMware's Site Recovery Manager 5.x (SRM) to provide guaranteed recovery for your VMware virtual environments within ironclad SLAs.
Hybrid is the New Normal is the New NormalCloud Services;Hosting ServicesWhile hybrid IT makes the path to change more complicated, the journey is critical In a world where change is a constant, business agility is an essential. You need to respond to market shifts and emerging opportunities in front of you, not in the rear view mirror.
Managed Internet Access Internet AccessApplication Management;Hosting ServicesSungard AS Managed Internet Access delivers high-performance, highly available Internet service to connect you to business-critical applications and services hosted by multiple data centers and service providers. Connectivity to these hosted services needs to meet the most demanding requirements for speed and reliability today — and the capacity to address the IT and business imperatives of tomorrow.
Vaulting - Backup and Recovery Solution - Backup and Recovery SolutionDisaster RecoverySungard AS offers the latest in modernized data protection to secure your critical information in an off-site vault and allowing you to move away from tape=based backup.
Managed Oracle Migration Services Oracle Migration ServicesApplication ManagementWith assistance from Sungard AS, your enterprise can upgrade to the latest version of Oracle R12 E-Business Suite in as few as 120 days. Besides saving time and money, a partnership with Sungard AS enables your enterprise to focus its resources on core business issues and meet demands of your business community. You need your enterprise applications to empower your operations and drive business growth. But tight budgets, limited resources, and complex technology can make it challenging to get the most from your application investments.
Data Sheet | Leatherhead Workplace Recovery Centre Sheet | Leatherhead Workplace Recovery Centre Business Continuity and RecoveryDownload the Leatherhead Workplace Recovery Centre Data Sheet.​
Colocation and Managed IT Services and Managed IT ServicesDisaster Recovery;Hosting ServicesSungard Availability Services Colocation Services deliver a completely flexible solution for your applications environment. Our enterprise-class infrastructure and global data center network give you the opportunity to develop the colocation arrangement that’s right for your specific business.
Managed SAP Services SAP ServicesApplication ManagementSungard AS Managed SAP Services provide you with a secure, reliable, and fully managed virtualized platform for your SAP applications. Our platform provides all the necessary compute, storage, network, and backup you need to support your production workloads. Sungard AS manages your infrastructure as well as your application. You avoid the costs and hassles of managing infrastructure assets and support—while achieving the highest levels of SAP application availability and performance.

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