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SaaS Provider Zyme Defeats Complex IT and Realizes Its Vision

Zyme moved its IT infrastructure into a more modern and agile model and prepared its business for the future.

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    Hybrid is the New Normal Video

    IT is transforming at a rapid pace. The new normal has multiple, resilient environments layered with complexity - this is Hybrid IT.

    Cloud based ERP gains visibility in a volatile market

    Like any piece of equipment, computing systems need constant maintenance to keep doing what they need to do everyday. Today, Procon runs its SAP applications in the cloud and everyday business ...

    The Application Lifecycle Management Toolbox

    Are you in a fix when it comes to managing the lifecycle of your applications? It's no wonder, when you consider the long job list involved from initial planning to retirement. Here are some ...

    Availability, Recovery, Continuity

    When you think about availability, recovery and continuity, does your mind immediately think about downtime from factors beyond your control, like natural disasters? In actuality, it's the things ...

    Applications Drive Infrastructure

    You need an infrastructure that ensures applications are available whenever needed, reacts quickly and scales easily and on demand. And, if disruptions occur, you need it to recover quickly.

    Cloud And Hosting Services Portfolio Brief

    With a range of cloud and hosting solutions, we can help you align the right services with the needs of your applications. Manage a hybrid blend of environments. Protect your data. And pick up the ...

    Hybrid is the New Normal

    While hybrid IT makes the path to change more complicated, the journey is critical: In a world where change is a constant, business agility is an essential. You need to respond to market ...

    Recovery and Business Continuity Services Portfolio Brief

    To get back to business fast, you need a fully recoverable production environment. While there is no single recovery technology capable of spanning today's vast and varied IT landscape, there is a ...

    One Production Array? No Problem: RaaS for EMC2

    Supporting Fully Managed Replication and Recovery of Mission-critical Data to the Cloud: Sungard Availability Services Recovery as a Service (RaaS) for EMC2

    SaaS provider conquers IT complexity to realize its vision

    Zyme partnered with Sungard AS to transform its IT infrastructure from a legacy hosting model to an agile, secure and highly credible private cloud that integrates recovery into production.

    Is Your Healthcare IT Environment Ready?

    Demands on healthcare IT environments are growing. Systems support the delivery of patient care, preserve reputation, and underpin the business resiliency of the entire enterprise.

    Claiming Victory in the Digital Revolution

    Take a look at how two companies have claimed victory in the digital revolution by moving to a hybrid IT model to blend legacy protection with the fast provisioning and future-proof scalability of ...

    Continuing Your IT Journey to the Cloud Part 2

    Some applications can be moved to the cloud more easily than others. Some factors impacting the ease of migration include how many dependencies the applications have, the way the code is written ...

    Continuing Your IT Journey to the Cloud Part 1

    As you consider your legacy applications and their impact on your virtualization strategy, here are a few questions you may have about putting your plan into motion.

    Connect to the Cloud with Confidence

    It is estimated that almost all new applications will be distributed via the cloud, be it public or hybrid cloud. While the appeal of the cloud is clear, concerns about performance, security, and ...

    EMC Healthcare Infographic: Preventative Medicine

    Keeping healthcare information always on, always available, and always protected for patient care diagnosis and treatment has never been more critical.

    Delivering Trusted IT Infrastructure for Healthcare

    Healthcare providers are shifting from fee-for-service to value-based care models. As they make the transition, healthcare organizations are looking for a way to consolidate systems to gain a ...

    The digital revolution is happening

    Your systems are being deluged with increased web activity from emails, searches, tweets and transactions. In this "can't wait" world, downtime can impact both revenue and customer ...