What's your bimodal IT strategy?

Together, Sungard AS and Cisco can support the full breadth of your IT environment. We can meet you wherever you are in your bi-modal journey. We can help you migrate to a SAP HANA cloud environment while still integrating with your legacy infrastructure.



Sungard AS Assurance - Continuity Management Software Overviewhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/sungard-assurance-continuity-management-software-overview.aspxSungard AS Assurance - Continuity Management Software OverviewBusiness Continuity​Compliance doesn’t equal confidence. In fact 75% of BC managers and incident managers surveyed in continuity admit that they never used a plan “as –is”. Designed by the industry leader and creator of LDRPS by users, for users, Sungard AS Assurance next-generation business continuity software removes the barriers to organization-wide engagement and builds greater confidence in contingency plans. View the demo to learn how Sungard AS Assurance allows companies to move beyond compliance to adapt to today's environment, frees organizations to evolve existing processes and tools, and shift the focus from static planning templates to real business outcomes.
Trends in Cloud Computing and Recovery Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/trends-in-cloud-computing-and-recovery-services.aspxTrends in Cloud Computing and Recovery ServicesCloud Services;Disaster RecoveryIDG Research Services surveyed more than 130 IT managers about the challenges and benefits of cloud recovery services.
Application Cloud Services for Oraclehttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Application-Cloud-Services-for-Oracle-.aspxApplication Cloud Services for OracleCloud Services
Backup and Recovery with Sungard Availability Services and EMChttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/backup-and-recovery-with-sungard-availability-services-and-emc.aspxBackup and Recovery with Sungard Availability Services and EMCApplication Management;Disaster RecoveryDiscover how Sungard AS leverages EMC's products to keep our customers always-on, always-available. Topics covered include private cloud, hybrid cloud, disaster recovery, backup and recovery, continuous availability, replication management, and managed backup.​
Disaster Recovery Contractshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/disaster-recovery-contracts.aspxDisaster Recovery ContractsCloud Services;Disaster Recovery​When negotiating a cloud recovery provider contract, your true recovery risks may be hidden in the contract’s asterisks. Learn the primary pitfalls to avoid while reviewing a cloud recovery contract.
The Move to SAP HANA Is Onhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/The-Move-to-SAP-HANA-Is-On.aspxThe Move to SAP HANA Is OnApplication ManagementSAP HANA is a game-changer and fast becoming a cornerstone of business operations. If you have SAP or are considering it, it's important to know that most SAP customers will be adopting or evaluating HANA within the next several years because of the vast improvement it provides SAP applications.
Nashville DataCenter Tourhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/NashvilleDataCenterTour.aspxNashville DataCenter TourHosting Services;Disaster Recovery;Business ContinuityLocated in the heart of Nashville, Sungard AS's data center boasts the enterprise-grade features that customers have come to rely on.
Zyme: Moving to the Cloudhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Zyme-Moving-to-cloud.aspxZyme: Moving to the CloudCloud Services;Disaster Recovery​Zyme Moving to the Cloud​
Connect to the Cloudhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Connect-to-the-Cloud.aspxConnect to the CloudCloud ServicesIt is estimated that almost all new applications will be distributed via the cloud, be it public or hybrid cloud. While the appeal of the cloud is clear, concerns about performance, security, and control are real barriers to migrating applications to cloud service providers.
IT Transformation Helps Menzies' Global Expansion Take Flighthttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Sungard AS Recovery and Business Continuity.aspxIT Transformation Helps Menzies' Global Expansion Take FlightDisaster Recovery;Business ContinuitySungard AS Recovery and Business Continuity services provide resilient production IT, recovery, and mitigation services in a single, secure solution
Sungard AS Cloud and Hosting Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Sungard-AS-Cloud-and-Hosting-Services.aspxSungard AS Cloud and Hosting ServicesCloud Services;Hosting Services
Applications Drive Infrastructurehttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Applications-Drive-Infrastructure.aspxApplications Drive InfrastructureApplication Management
A Cloud Built for Productionhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/SungardEnterpriseCloudServicesarereadybuiltformissioncriticalproductionworkloads.aspxA Cloud Built for ProductionCloud Services​The Sungard AS Enterprise Cloud Services are ready-built for mission-critical production workloads. Hugh Scott, CIO of Energy Plus, discusses how the Sungard AS Cloud keeps his firm's web-based enrollment engine running.
AS is Making a Difference in the World of Cloud Computing Videohttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/ASisMakingaDifferenceintheWorldofCloudComputingVideo.aspxAS is Making a Difference in the World of Cloud Computing VideoCloud ServicesSungard AS is making a difference in the world of cloud computing video
Choosing a Cloud Providerhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/choosing-a-cloud-provider.aspxChoosing a Cloud ProviderCloud Services​Considering cloud-based disaster recovery? Learn 3 key considerations for choosing a cloud disaster recovery service provider.
Sungard AS Disaster Recovery and Testing Services Testimonialhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/DisasterRecoveryandTestingServicesTestimonial.aspxSungard AS Disaster Recovery and Testing Services TestimonialDisaster RecoveryMichael Lombardi, deputy information processing officer for the State of Rhode Island, discusses Sungard AS disaster recovery services and excellent customer support, Sungard AS provides disaster recovery solutions to the entire State of Rhode Island, and provides the safety net the State needs to conduct operations through an interruption of any size, from a small fire to a state-wide hurricane.
Situational Awareness in Business Continuity - Part Ihttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/situational-awareness-in-business-continuity.aspxSituational Awareness in Business Continuity - Part IBusiness ContinuitySituational awareness is the missing link between planning and incident management - real-time insight is what makes a real difference in outcomes. Ultimately the question is - did you have the right information at the right time in order to recover?
Application Cloud Services for Oraclehttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/application-cloud-services-for-oracle.aspxApplication Cloud Services for OracleApplication ManagementUtilizing Oracle's Red Stack converged infrastructure platform Sungard AS' Application Cloud Services for Oracle is pre-certified for all Oracle ERP applications and offers lean and dynamic server, network, storage, and operating system management solutions. This adaptable solution gives your business the foundation needed to optimize your Oracle deployments across hosting, database, and application services, eliminating uncertainty and ensuring flexibility across multiple cloud platforms.
Anatomy of a Cloud-Based Recovery: Recover2Cloud for Server Replication Service Demonstrationhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/AnatomyofaCloud-BasedRecoveryRecover2CloudforServerReplicationServiceDemonstration.aspxAnatomy of a Cloud-Based Recovery: Recover2Cloud for Server Replication Service DemonstrationDisaster Recovery;Cloud Services​This is the service demonstration portion of the Anatomy of a Cloud-Based Recovery webinar featuring Chandra Reddy and Jim Garner from Sungard AS product development team.
Cloud Services Demohttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Cloud-Services-Demo.aspxCloud Services DemoCloud Services
LDRPS: A Flexible Tool that Helps Businesses Continuity Professionals Create Customized BC/DR Planshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/LDRPSFlexibleTool.aspxLDRPS: A Flexible Tool that Helps Businesses Continuity Professionals Create Customized BC/DR PlansBusiness Continuity​Business Continuity Professional Dan Hendrix discusses how LDRPS and the integrated CMS Software Suite from Sungard Availability Services is a powerful tool in creating and managed business continuity plans.
Harriet Edleman, Co-chairperson of Summitas, Describes How Sungard AS Keeps Her Mission Critical Environment up-and-running for Her Clients.http://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/SummitasTestimonial.aspxHarriet Edleman, Co-chairperson of Summitas, Describes How Sungard AS Keeps Her Mission Critical Environment up-and-running for Her Clients.Hosting ServicesSummitas enables customers to create their own virtual family office, which provides secure access to important documents and information anytime, anywhere. To provide this service, Summitas utilizes Sungard AS Managed Hosting Services to deliver a production computing environment, to meet real-time, on-demand customer requirements today and be positioned to grow to address new opportunities in the future.
Availability, Recovery and Continuityhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Availability,-Recovery-and-Continuity.aspxAvailability, Recovery and ContinuityBusiness Continuity;Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery Program still on the “To Do’s” List?http://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/disaster-recovery-program-still-on-the-todos-list.aspxDisaster Recovery Program still on the “To Do’s” List?Disaster Recovery​For most businesses, being prepared for Disaster Recovery is important, but not core to daily activities. So what happens when there isn’t the time, expertise or capital budget for your staff to properly address the needs of an effective recovery program? Learn how Sungard AS Managed Recovery Program, or “MRP” will help you not only build confidence in your recoverability, but also be in a better position to keep those promises to YOUR customers—one big thing to check off that list.
PLANet Keeps First Independent Bank Ready in the Event of a Disasterhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/PLANetKeepsFirstIndependentBankReadyintheEventofaDisaster.aspxPLANet Keeps First Independent Bank Ready in the Event of a DisasterBusiness Continuity​Assistant Vice President Marcia Carr has a rock-solid plan in place to keep First Independent Bank running in the event of a disaster. PLANet, a business continuity tool specifically for credit unions and community banks, makes it possible.
Vetting Vendors for Business Continuity Riskhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/vetting-vendors-for-business-continuity-risk.aspxVetting Vendors for Business Continuity RiskConsulting ServicesJohn Beattie, Principal Consultant, Sungard Availability Services shares the real deal on getting an accurate assessment of risk and continuity from your vendors.
Recovery as a Service (RaaS)http://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/recovery-as-a-service-raas.aspxRecovery as a Service (RaaS)Disaster RecoveryTraditional disaster recovery solutions may have provided you with redundant hardware, a flavor of automated failover software, and promises of disaster recovery in the cloud. Even with all of that, the availability demands of today's business environment require an enhanced and state-of-the-art disaster recovery solution. Learn how Sungard Availability Services, with partners such as Cisco and EMC, can provide your team with a full end-to-end recovery service bringing people, processes and technology together in a time of disaster.
Hybrid is the New Normal Videohttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/hybrid-is-the-new-normal.aspxHybrid is the New Normal VideoHosting Services;Cloud ServicesIT is transforming at a rapid pace. The new normal has multiple, resilient environments layered with complexity - this is Hybrid IT.
IT Transformation Helps Menzies' Global Expansion Take Flighthttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/menzies-global-expansion-take-flight.aspxIT Transformation Helps Menzies' Global Expansion Take FlightCloud Services;Disaster Recovery;Hosting ServicesSee how Sungard AS, Menzies' technology partner of choice, completely transformed their IT infrastructure.
Aligning or Certifying Your Business Continuity Plan to ISO 22301http://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/aligning-or-certifying-your-business-continuity-plan-to-iso-22301.aspxAligning or Certifying Your Business Continuity Plan to ISO 22301Consulting ServicesGary Kenick, Director of Business Continuity Consulting, Sungard AS describes why ISO 22301 is the international standard of choice for BC leaders. He shares practical and organizational factors to consider when deciding whether to align or certify to ISO 22301.
Solving Business Challenges With The Cloud Using Intercloud Fabrichttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/solving-business-challenges-with-the-cloud-using-intercloud-fabric.aspxSolving Business Challenges With The Cloud Using Intercloud FabricCloud ServicesTransitioning from a physical or virtualized data center environment to the cloud requires you to migrate and manage infrastructure and applications across private, public, or hybrid clouds. To bring the world of standalone clouds together, Cisco and our partners, are building the Intercloud, the globally connected network of clouds.
For a comprehensive business continuity planning solution, Capgemini chooses Sungard AShttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/ForacomprehensivebusinesscontinuityplanningsolutionCapgeminichoosesSungard.aspxFor a comprehensive business continuity planning solution, Capgemini chooses Sungard ASBusiness Continuity​"We needed something that would effectively bring all of the requirements for managing and maintaining plans into one comprehensive solution," says Todd Young of Capgemini. "After looking around, we determined that LDRPS was the best product for the job." In this video, he explains how his business arrived at that decision.
Taking a Private Path to The Cloudhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/TakingaPrivatePathtoTheCloud.aspxTaking a Private Path to The CloudCloud Services​Enterprises are actively exploring cloud solutions to help drive down overall IT costs and increase operational efficiency, all while minimizing risks and reducing complexity. However, the vendor landscape is filled with public solutions not always suited to Enterprise needs for security, compliance, service levels and high availability. This session will discuss the growing need for private cloud and the different aspects to consider when evaluating private cloud solutions.
LDRPS as One Cohesive Tool - Capgemini Case Studyhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/LDRPSasonecohesivetool.aspxLDRPS as One Cohesive Tool - Capgemini Case StudyBusiness ContinuityKurt Sohn from Capgemini discusses how LDRPS stabilized their disparate, cumbersome and time consuming BC plans into one cohesive tool.
BC Software Overview: Sungard AS Continuity Management Solution (CMS)http://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/BCSoftwareOverviewSungardsContinuityManagementSolution.aspxBC Software Overview: Sungard AS Continuity Management Solution (CMS)Business ContinuityDaily operations depend on the seamless flow of people, processes, and technology—without a thorough assessment of internal and external vulnerabilities and dependencies, contingency planning is limited. With a manual program, an unplanned incident can leave staff uniformed or ineffective due to outdated call lists, processes unavoidably interrupted by undiscovered dependencies, and IT systems stalled or unavailable due to lack of tested contingencies. And as the risk extends to customers and the public, investors and regulatory bodies demand that viable continuity plans are in place that can demonstrate services will continue to resume during a disruption. For these reasons, business continuity planners are protecting their organizations with a continuity program built and maintained with automated tools. The Sungard Availability Services CMS suite operates as a single software platform, robust enough to address every stage of a continuity program, from assessing and planning to crisis communications and program management, yet simple and flexible enough to build and customize as your requirements expand or change.
Brown Brothers Harriman achieves flexible, intuitive planning with LDRPShttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/BrownBrothersHarrimanachievesflexible,intuitiveplanningwithLDRPS.aspxBrown Brothers Harriman achieves flexible, intuitive planning with LDRPSDisaster Recovery"The minute you put something in a word processing document, it's already outdated," says Doreen Norako of Brown Brothers Harriman. In this video, she explains how LDRPS delivers the flexibility she needs to keep her business continuity plan in sync with her business.
Aligning or Certifying to ISO 22301: Where Do You Starthttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/aligning-or-certifying-to-iso-22301-where-do-you-start.aspxAligning or Certifying to ISO 22301: Where Do You StartConsulting ServicesGary Kenick, Director of Business Continuity Consulting describes the assessment capabilities and programs offered by Sungard AS needed to understand your readiness and program maturity.
SAP Hanahttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/SAP-Hana.aspxSAP HanaApplication Management;Cloud Services
Hurricane Sandy's Test: More Than Just Disaster Recoveryhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/hurricane-sandys-test-more-than-just-disaster-recovery-and-business-continuity.aspxHurricane Sandy's Test: More Than Just Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery;Business Continuity​Learn about Sungard Availability Services' experience during hurricane sandy and hear how several customers relied on Sungard AS at that time. Take a tour of our Carlstadt, NJ data center and our mobile recovery unit, both of which were utilized during the storm.
Fully Managed Recovery Case Study: Florida Hospitalhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/FullyManagedRecoveryCaseStudyFloridaHospitalVideo.aspxFully Managed Recovery Case Study: Florida HospitalDisaster Recovery​By number of patients seen every year in a Medicare facility, Florida Hospital in Orlando is the largest healthcare provider in the United States. A network of seven distinct hospitals, the organization signed on with Sungard Availability Services in 2003 to provide traditional recovery services. But a series of hurricanes proved to the administration that a stronger solution was needed, and the hospital worked with Sungard AS to develop a strategy that delivers comprehensive recovery services, fully managed by Sungard AS specialists. Today, Florida Hospital relies on the Sungard AS Managed Recovery Program to manage its full recovery program, helping ensure critical applications and highly regulated medical records are secure and always available.
Laboratory Corporation of America streamlines plan maintenance with Sungard AS CMShttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/LaboratoryCorporationofAmericastreamlinesplanmaintenancewithSungardCMS.aspxLaboratory Corporation of America streamlines plan maintenance with Sungard AS CMSBusiness Continuity​For Rick Tanner of Labcorp, the strength of a continuity planning tool is proven not just by how well it helps him build a plan--but also by how easily it allows him to maintain it. In this video, he discusses how of all the planning tools he's used, the Sungard AS Continuity Management Solution (CMS) stands out.
Operational Resilience and the Sungard AS R3 Frameworkhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/OperationalResilienceandtheSunGardR3Framework.aspxOperational Resilience and the Sungard AS R3 FrameworkConsulting Services;Hosting Services​Sungard AS’ Warren Zafrin discusses the true definition of operational resilience, and R3, the new Sungard AS consulting offering that can help ensure it.
Recovering Applications to Cloud: Top 5 Considerations for Raising Service Levels with Tiered Recovery Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/RecoveringApplicationstoCloudTop5ConsiderationsforRaisingServiceLevelswithTieredRecoveryServices.aspxRecovering Applications to Cloud: Top 5 Considerations for Raising Service Levels with Tiered Recovery ServicesApplication Management​Sungard Availability Services inside perspective on the top 5 considerations for cloud-based recovery, which are analyzing applications by business value, selecting modern data movement into the cloud, automating recovery steps, using enterprise-class cloud platforms, and scoping network requirements. Sungard AS will also provide an overview of its Recover2Cloud(sm) services suite, which packages modern data movement for tiered recovery benefits.
IT Journey to Cloudhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/IT-Journey-to-Cloud.aspxIT Journey to CloudCloud Services
Steve Zimmerman, the Director of Global Infrastructure at BDP International, Talks About how Sungard AS Provides Access to Critical Business Information for Both BDP and Its International Client Basehttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Sungardprovidesaccesstocriticalbusinessinformation.aspxSteve Zimmerman, the Director of Global Infrastructure at BDP International, Talks About how Sungard AS Provides Access to Critical Business Information for Both BDP and Its International Client BaseHosting Services​Steve Zimmerman, the director of global infrastructure a BDP International, talks about how Sungard AS provides access to critical business information for both BDP and its international client base
View the "Who Are Our Customers" Walkthroughhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/WhoAreOurCustomers.aspxView the "Who Are Our Customers" WalkthroughSecurity &; Compliance;Application Management;Business Continuity;Consulting Services;Cloud Services;Hosting Services;Disaster RecoveryTypical availability challenges and how Sungard AS can help
Sungard AS Managed Application Cloud Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/Sungard-AS-Managed-Application-Cloud-Services.aspxSungard AS Managed Application Cloud ServicesApplication Management;Cloud Services
First Security Bancorp transforms BC planning with PLANethttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/FirstSecurityBancorptransformsBCplanningwithPLANet.aspxFirst Security Bancorp transforms BC planning with PLANetBusiness Continuity​Cynthia Liberto of First Security Bancorp discusses how PLANet transformed her bank's approach to business continuity planning. PLANet moved the bank away from inefficient traditional planning tools, enabling First Security Bancorp to keep its business continuity plan current, accurate, and effective.
LDRPS, BIA Professional and NotiFind: an Intuitive Systemhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/LDRPSBIAProfessionalandNotiFind.aspxLDRPS, BIA Professional and NotiFind: an Intuitive SystemBusiness ContinuityPearson's disjointed methods for BC planning was difficult to keep current and up-to-date. Kate Thibeault from Pearson shows how LDRPS, BIA Professional and NotiFind standardized their plans across cross-functional teams and units.
Situational Awareness in Business Continuity - Part IIhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/VideosAndDemos/Pages/situational-awareness-in-business-continuity-part-2.aspxSituational Awareness in Business Continuity - Part IIBusiness ContinuityTracey Forbes shares common challenges and pitfalls of business continuity plans today and how awareness and continuous data management is critical for both efficiency and effectiveness of your response efforts.

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