CSG International processes 1 billion cable statements annually relying on Managed Recovery to ensure resiliency

CSG International (CSG) provides business critical software and service solutions for managing customer data, analyzing data, statement production, and customer service, primarily for the telecommunications industry. It is the second-largest cable-billing provider in the world, processing 1 billion cable statements worldwide each year. That's a lot of data – and it-s ever growing. A "lost" data center could prove a catastrophe.

That's why CSG relies on Sungard Availability Services. CSG deemed it essential to add a managed recovery program, or MRP, to its business continuity and disaster-recovery capabilities. It views this addition as an evolution, reflecting the reality that both the complexity of the recovery and the volume of servers that need to be recovered could surpass CSG's ability to hit contractual recovery time objectives (RTOs).



Assurant, Inc.: Workforce Continuity ensures quality customer servicehttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Assurant-depends-on-Workforce-Continuity-Services-to-ensure-quality-customer-service.aspxAssurant, Inc.: Workforce Continuity ensures quality customer serviceDisaster RecoveryAssurant assessed several vendors that could provide alternative workspace. Sungard Availability Services stood out with regional brick-and-mortar recovery sites near Assurant’s larger offices nation-wide, says Santita Hyman, Assurant’s Business Continuity Director. The ability to deploy self-contained mobile recovery units to the more remote offices also enhanced the offering.
Cloud based ERP delivers visibility in a volatile markethttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/cloud-based-erp-gains-visibility-in-a-volatile-market.aspxCloud based ERP delivers visibility in a volatile marketCloud Services;Application ManagementLike any piece of equipment, computing systems need constant maintenance to keep doing what they need to do everyday. Today, Procon runs its SAP applications in the cloud and everyday business happens like a well-oiled machine.
Hybrid IT environment: Tech aid to Cooperative Processing Resourceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/hybrid-it-environment-delivers-stress-free-tech-aid-to-cooperative-processing-resources.aspxHybrid IT environment: Tech aid to Cooperative Processing ResourcesCloud Services;Consulting ServicesBeing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, CPR depends on a technology partner to host and manage its critical infrastructure, allowing it to focus on its premier debt-management software applications. Sungard AS hosts many of CPR’s agencies’ data and, without access to the application, these member agencies can’t provide credit counseling services to their customers who in turn cannot meet their financial obligations to creditors and lenders.
Private equity firm Kelso & Co. cuts recovery time from 24 to 4 hourshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/private-equity-firm-Kelso-Co-cuts-recovery-time-from-24-to-4-hours.aspxPrivate equity firm Kelso & Co. cuts recovery time from 24 to 4 hoursDisaster RecoveryDue to mounting recovery and regulatory concerns, the firm decided to revisit its existing approach to disaster recovery and operational resilience. The results of its actions were clear and compelling. Working with Sungard AS, Kelso was able to cut recovery time from 24 hours to merely 4.
Snowmass Hospitality manages ski properties with Managed Cloud Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Snowmass-Hospitality-manages-ski-properties-with-Managed-Cloud-Services.aspxSnowmass Hospitality manages ski properties with Managed Cloud ServicesCloud ServicesSnowmass Hospitality partners with Sungard Availability Services to host its hospitality property management system in the cloud – supporting several properties and construction projects around the ski area.
SaaS provider conquers IT complexity to realize its visionhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/saas-provider-conquers-it-complexity-to-realize-its-vision.aspxSaaS provider conquers IT complexity to realize its visionCloud Services;Disaster RecoveryZyme partnered with Sungard AS to transform its IT infrastructure from a legacy hosting model to an agile, secure and highly credible private cloud that integrates recovery into production.
FUJIFILM chooses Sungard AS cloud to scale up in a flashhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/FUJIFILM-Chooses-Sungard-Availability-Services-Cloud-To-Scale-Up-In-A-Flash.aspxFUJIFILM chooses Sungard AS cloud to scale up in a flashCloud ServicesFUJIFILM relies on a private cloud provided by Sungard Availability Services, which comes with a Service Level Agreement-backed commitment to 99.95% availability. FUJIFILM chose Sungard AS as its technology partner following a competitive tender involving up to 12 providers.
Protecting Reputation, Brand and Data with Business Continuity Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Protecting-Reputation,-Brand-and-Data-with-Business-Continuity-Services.aspxProtecting Reputation, Brand and Data with Business Continuity ServicesWith its own business and its customers’ wellness programs dependent on availability, Healthways needed a clear, documented and proven plan for maintaining always-on business.
Emmerson Packaging Continues Growth While Mitigating Operational Risk With Hosted SAP Solutionhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Emmerson-Packaging-Continues-Growth-While-Mitigating-Operational-Risk-With-Hosted-SAP-Solution.aspxEmmerson Packaging Continues Growth While Mitigating Operational Risk With Hosted SAP SolutionApplication ManagementWorking with Sungard AS, Emmerson is able to delegate highly demanding infrastructure support to a proven expert in SAP hosting. The cloud provides new levels of flexibility and visibility, eliminating the risks and expenses of managing an on-site infrastructure. But it also brings new levels of accountability. Emmerson Packaging now expects certain service levels and commitments to be met — and has assurance they will be based on the contract with Sungard AS.
Jonas Fitness capitalizes on managed IT to support growth and innovationhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Jonas-Fitness-capitalizes-on-managed-IT-to-support-growth-and-innovation.aspxJonas Fitness capitalizes on managed IT to support growth and innovationDisaster Recovery;Hosting Services;Security &; ComplianceJonas Fitness faced a one-year deadline to migrate its club management applications from legacy platforms to a robust, scalable, and secure alternative. The applications – a legacy system known as i4™, and a next-generation SaaS platform known as Compete®– would require not only highly available production hosting services, but disaster recovery and PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance support as well.
Children’s Bureau relies on cloud services to help ensure HIPAA compliance and morehttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/childrens-bureau-relies-on-cloud-services-to-help-ensure-hipaa-compliance-and-more.aspxChildren’s Bureau relies on cloud services to help ensure HIPAA compliance and moreCloud Services;Security &; ComplianceThe agency needed a vendor who could help it address HIPAA and other critical regulatory requirements. HIPAA is the Congressional act that, among other things, requires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information, including that of patients.
Managed Oracle Services: Business benefits to Mitsui Foods Inc.http://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/managed-oracle-services-allows-mitsui-foods-inc-to-focus-on-e-commerce.aspxManaged Oracle Services: Business benefits to Mitsui Foods Inc.Hosting Services;Application ManagementWith Sungard AS' pre-certified Oracle environment – managed servers, OS, SAN, backup, network, firewall and internet – for its Oracle e-Business suite, Mitsui Foods gained access to state-of-the-art facilities with a system that’s easier to maintain and upgrade.
New England SaaS Provider Relies on Sungard AS Managed Services to Achieve Uptime and Peace of Mindhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/New-England-SaaS-Provider-Relies-on-Sungard-AS-Managed-Services-to-Achieve-Uptime-and-Peace-of-Mind.aspxNew England SaaS Provider Relies on Sungard AS Managed Services to Achieve Uptime and Peace of MindIncreasingly severe power and Internet outages threatened this organization’s critical applications and put their customers’ data in jeopardy. Colocation services for the organization’s production environment allowed the company’s IT team to get back to business and focus on more strategic priorities.
DecisionQuest Grows With Sungard AS Business Cloud Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/DecisionQuest-Grows-With-Sungard-AS-Business-Cloud-Services.aspxDecisionQuest Grows With Sungard AS Business Cloud ServicesApplication Management;Hosting ServicesIn need of a technology solution to supplement its IT expertise, DecisionQuest turned to Sungard Availability Services – a complete managed services partner who could grow with them and deliver technologies to make their business even smarter.
Managed IT Services: Smooth sailing for Norwegian’s reservation systemhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Managed-IT-Services-Ensure-Smooth-Sailing-for-Norwegian’s-Vital-Reservation-System.aspxManaged IT Services: Smooth sailing for Norwegian’s reservation systemConsulting Services;Disaster Recovery;Security &; ComplianceThe Sungard AS service approach is built around Norwegian’s requirements, so service levels align with Norwegian business objectives. With more than a year of managing Norwegian systems, the Sungard AS team has developed a deep understanding of their systems and enterprise application architecture. As a result, Sungard AS is a partner, not simply a supplier.
Rémy Cointreau USA: The future of luxury spirits with Recovery Services​http://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Rémy-Cointreau-USA-Tastes-The-Future-Of-Luxury-Spirits-With-Sungard-AS-Recovery-Services.aspxRémy Cointreau USA: The future of luxury spirits with Recovery Services​Disaster RecoverySungard Availability Services pioneered recovery services more than 30 years ago. Its deep expertise in information security, compliance and governance helps keep the data of clients such as Rémy Cointreau USA safe and available should disruptions or even disaster strike. Rémy Cointreau USA has seen both improved levels of service and related cost savings since employing its services.
LDRPS Enables Holistic Business Continuity Planning at Leading Bankhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/LDRPS-Enables-Holistic-Business-Continuity-Planning-at-Leading-Bank.aspxLDRPS Enables Holistic Business Continuity Planning at Leading BankBusiness ContinuityThe business continuity planning team at a leading diversified financial services company is charged with establishing the methodology, tools, policy, compliance and reporting utilized in disaster preparedness throughout the United States. The financial services firm deployed LDRPS® (Living Disaster Recovery Planning System) from Sungard Availability Services to create all preparedness plans across the enterprise. The Sungard AS software enables the bank to centrally develop and manage business continuity planning – supporting 500 U.S. locations, 5,000 plans and close to 7,000 users.
MetaFarms Breeds Success With Hybrid Computing Architecturehttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/MetaFarms-Breeds-Success-With-Hybrid-Computing-Architecture.aspxMetaFarms Breeds Success With Hybrid Computing ArchitectureDisaster Recovery;Hosting ServicesMetaFarms selected Sungard AS Colocation services for production, Recover to Cloud Vaulting, Recover to Cloud Server Replication, and Disaster Recovery. In addition, MetaFarms uses EVault1 on-premise software and offsite cloud services. Today, all customer data is kept within their private cloud data center and housed within Sungard AS.
IT transformation helps Menzies' global expansion plans take flighthttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/it-transformation-helps-menzies-global-expansion-plans-take-flight.aspxIT transformation helps Menzies' global expansion plans take flightCloud Services;Disaster Recovery;Hosting ServicesDynamic logistics and aviation business John Menzies plc needed a flexible, scalable IT infrastructure to support its ambitious growth plans. And it needed it quickly.
FolderWave uses Cloud to ensure complex IT managementhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/FolderWave-uses-Cloud-to-ensure-complex-IT-management.aspxFolderWave uses Cloud to ensure complex IT managementCloud Services;Hosting ServicesHelping FolderWave handle this virtual avalanche of data is Sungard AS. Sungard AS provides FolderWave with a secure and reliable hosting environment, including server management, intrusion detection, managed security, high availability and backup services.
Allied Building Products Corp. Experiences the Value of a Disaster Recovery Planhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Allied-Building-Products-Corp-Experiences-the-Value-of-a-Disaster-Recovery-Plan.aspxAllied Building Products Corp. Experiences the Value of a Disaster Recovery PlanDisaster RecoveryWith Sungard AS disaster recovery plans in place, Allied Building Products Corp. successfully recovered 100 percent of its business applications. In Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath, Allied wasted no time in moving its computing environment into a professional data center – high above ground level.​
Delta Diversified Gains Speed, Lower Costs With Migration To Enterprise Cloud Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Delta-Diversified-Gains-Speed,-Lower-Costs-With-Migration-To-Enterprise-Cloud-Services.aspxDelta Diversified Gains Speed, Lower Costs With Migration To Enterprise Cloud ServicesCloud ServicesThe Sungard AS Cloud environment enables Berry and his IT team to work from practically anywhere, a capability they didn’t have before. For example, he was in Europe last summer and, from his laptop, could access his accounting, email and other functions via the cloud.
Corporate Networks taps Sungard AS to Create Private Enterprise Cloudhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Corporate-Networks-taps-Sungard-AS-to-Create-Private-Enterprise-Cloud.aspxCorporate Networks taps Sungard AS to Create Private Enterprise CloudCloud ServicesSungard AS provides Corporate Networks with Enterprise Cloud Services, including virtual machines and terabytes of storage. Understanding Corporate Networks’ needs and goals was critical in designing the right system.
Small Credit Union Builds Big Plans with PLANethttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Small-Credit-Union-Builds-Big-Plans-with-PLANet.aspxSmall Credit Union Builds Big Plans with PLANetSmall credit unions like Family First Credit Union have numerous challenges when compared to some of their larger counterparts. Resources are stretched thin, competition is fierce and specific expertise is often scarce. But sometimes, what might seem disadvantageous is actually an advantage. For example; with business continuity planning, smaller credit unions have the ability to interchange personnel more readily.
DAZ Systems partners with Sungard AS to deliver Managed Oracle Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/daz-systems-partners-with-sungard-as-to-deliver-managed-oracle-services.aspxDAZ Systems partners with Sungard AS to deliver Managed Oracle ServicesCloud Services;Application ManagementThe El Segundo, California company relies on Sungard Availability Services to power its private cloud offerings and give its customers access to their Oracle deployments. This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting partnership – which links DAZ's Oracle offerings and expertise with Sungard AS' secure, high-performance infrastructure for Managed Oracle Services – provides DAZ customers with access to state-of-the-art facilities while freeing them from worrying about their IT systems.
Kahua turns to Sungard AS for security and availability best practiceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Kahua-turns-to-Sungard-AS-for-security-and-availability-best-practices.aspxKahua turns to Sungard AS for security and availability best practicesHosting Services;Security &; ComplianceWith a small IT staff handling all customer data and the security requirements, Kahua needs a strong managed services provider whose IT professionals can serve effectively as an extension of Kahua’s team.
Cementos Progreso Taps Sungard AS For Cloud Disaster Recoveryhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Cementos-Progreso-Taps-Sungard-AS-For-Cloud-Disaster-Recovery.aspxCementos Progreso Taps Sungard AS For Cloud Disaster RecoveryCloud Services;Disaster Recovery;Hosting ServicesCementos Progreso already had a colocation site in Guatemala. But in 2010, Chavez and his team decided it was time to implement a disaster recovery plan outside of the country to avoid losing access to their 12 critical business applications, including SAP.
Advanced Energy: SAP application hosting with Sungard AS cloud serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Advanced-Energy-Manages-SAP-Application-Hosting-With-Sungard-AS-Cloud-Services.aspxAdvanced Energy: SAP application hosting with Sungard AS cloud servicesCloud Services;Application ManagementAdvanced Energy chose to expand its relationship with Sungard AS to ensure that all of its SAP® environments were hosted and managed completely by Sungard AS, including disaster recovery capabilities, "all of which would have cost us a fortune if we had to do it ourselves," says Rajeev Ankireddypalli, Head of Information Technology. "Sungard AS became our strategic partner not only to manage the day-to-day aspects, but to strategize that environment and provide recommendations about execution of our IT and cloud environment."
Drivers History Leverages Managed Hosting To Assist Insurershttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Drivers-History-Leverages-Managed-Hosting-To-Assist-Insurers.aspxDrivers History Leverages Managed Hosting To Assist InsurersHosting ServicesDrivers History decided to look for a managed hosting provider and cast a wide net. Sungard Availability Services (AS) Managed Hosting emerged as the favorite option, offering several advantages, says Robert Mayo, Drivers History's Chief Information Officer. "We were pleasantly surprised at Sungard AS' pricing model," initially worrying that Sungard AS' overall price would prove too expensive for a small, startup type company.
AmeriPride Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/AmeriPride-Services.aspxAmeriPride ServicesDisaster RecoveryWith the Sungard AS Managed Recovery Program, AmeriPride was able to quickly deploy a reliable disaster recovery solution that fit its changing infrastructure, and that could easily accommodate future changes. AmeriPride also has access to Sungard AS’ expertise for disaster recovery and other infrastructure issues. Sungard AS provides all the staffing, services, resources, and hardware for disaster recovery, including servers, tape processing, disks, and software. As a result, AmeriPride will not have to lease space or replicate its own data center.
Business Continuity Testing Made Easier with PLANethttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Business-Continuity-Testing-Made-Easier-with-PLANet.aspxBusiness Continuity Testing Made Easier with PLANetBusiness ContinuityMany credit unions build business continuity plans but fail to take the next step. As the FFIEC explains in their most-recent BCP Booklet, "Risk monitoring ensures a BCP is viable through testing, independent review and periodic updating." In addition, testing helps financial institutions adjust recovery time objectives by giving realistic, tested time estimates needed to complete tasks.
State of Michiganhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/state-of-michigan.aspxState of MichiganBusiness ContinuityToday, Michigan has 17 State agencies, 5 critical mainframes, over 4,000 servers, 6 petabytes of data, 50,000 employees, and 6000 applications. In 2003, Michigan recognized that with no comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan in place, they were in a state of high vulnerability from both natural and manmade disasters.
McKesson Corporationhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/McKesson-Corporation.aspxMcKesson CorporationDisaster RecoveryUsing the Sungard AS Managed Recovery Program, McKesson was able to quickly deploy disaster recovery as part of its service offering to its customers, ensuring that it was able to launch its offering on time. McKesson’s customers were also reassured that their data was safe and secure, that they could recover quickly in the event of a disaster, and that the way the data was stored would meet HIPAA and other requirements.
Maintaining Availability By Testing IT Security With Sungard AShttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Maintaining-Availability-By-Testing-IT-Security-With-Sungard-AS.aspxMaintaining Availability By Testing IT Security With Sungard ASSecurity &; ComplianceTo help ensure continuous availability of its information, a software company had Sungard AS subject its systems to a full penetration test and measure them against Sungard AS proprietary model for Information Security--including 50 discrete areas of evaluation.
QUMAS relies on global hosting and security serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/QUMAS-relies-on-global-hosting-and-security-services-to-deliver-life-sciences-compliance-platform.aspxQUMAS relies on global hosting and security servicesQUMAS selected Sungard AS based on their name recognition, presence in Europe, India and North America, and ability to support the growth initiative of both QUMAS and its customers.
Strengthening Global Continuity Planning for an International Research and Analysis Firmhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Strengthening-Global-Continuity-Planning-for-an-International-Research-and-Analysis-Firm.aspxStrengthening Global Continuity Planning for an International Research and Analysis FirmBusiness ContinuityInternational continuity planning is intensely challenging. Risks and priorities need to be identified and assessed for each individual location, but must also be balanced from a company-wide perspective. In order to evaluate global continuity planning requirements efficiently and effectively, the firm requires that each location have a detailed business impact analysis (BIA) performed on a regular basis.
Florida Hospitalhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Florida-Hospital.aspxFlorida HospitalDisaster RecoveryWith the Managed Recovery Program, Sungard Availability Services is Florida Hospital’s recovery team, ensuring recovery configurations keep pace with production changes, managing recovery test execution, and providing a single point of contact for the complete recovery program.
Transforming Capgemini’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Programhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Transforming-Capgemini’s-Business-Continuity-and-Disaster-Recovery-Program.aspxTransforming Capgemini’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery ProgramBusiness ContinuityUntil 2008, Capgemini utilized Word documents for their business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) planning both for their own internal use and for the BC/DR programs they developed and maintained for their clients. The time required to keep these plans manually updated was immense. Additionally, the complexity of the various plans was becoming unwieldy, increasing the potential risk to their company and to their client firms.
Millions turn to LifeShare for Blood; LifeShare turns to Sungard AS for IT Availabilityhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Millions-turn-to-LifeShare-for-Blood;-LifeShare-turns-to-Sungard-AS-for-IT-Availability.aspxMillions turn to LifeShare for Blood; LifeShare turns to Sungard AS for IT AvailabilityCloud Services;Disaster RecoverySungard AS supports LifeShare with secure cloud-based recovery for the 12 servers and numerous critical applications that handle its vital blood data – donors, inventory, blood drives – as well as its financial and payroll systems. A mirror copy of its data systems in Shreveport is replicated in a Sungard AS’ northeast data center.
Achieving Quantifiable Risk Reduction For a Large Regional Bankhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Achieving-Quantifiable-Risk-Reduction-For-a-Large-Regional-Bank.aspxAchieving Quantifiable Risk Reduction For a Large Regional BankDisaster RecoveryA large regional bank based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico was concerned about the potential for island-wide catastrophes such as Hurricane Katrina. Given the high degree of sensitivity of the financial data they processed every day, the bank made the commitment to enhance its business continuity measures to reduce risk for the company and its customers.
A National Business Finance Institutionhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/A-National-Business-Finance-Institution.aspxA National Business Finance InstitutionDisaster RecoveryOn January 18, 2011, a business finance institution experienced a power outage. The utility company could not confirm when power would be restored. Given the time-sensitive nature of the data being processed at the company, a disruption was not an option. The company called Sungard Availability Services Utilizing a high availability connection, the organization’s data was accessible from a Sungard AS availability Workforce Recovery site. Servers and workstations were set up, allowing the firm to continue their work with complete data, operations, voice, and network capabilities.
A nationwide retailerhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/A-nationwide-retailer.aspxA nationwide retailerDisaster RecoveryThis case study details how a nationwide retailer optimized their business continuity planning using Sungard AS Managed Recovery program to achieve a 60% improvement in disaster recovery time objectives, at 40% less cost than self-managed recovery. Highlights of this case study include a business impact analysis that shed surprising results on the most revenue-impacting applications, an advanced recovery workshop, and an ongoing, rigorous approach to IT disaster recovery life cycle management.
Savanna Energy Depends on Sungard AS for Reliable Recovery Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Savanna-Energy-Depends-on-Sungard-AS-for-Reliable-Recovery-Services.aspxSavanna Energy Depends on Sungard AS for Reliable Recovery ServicesDisaster Recovery;Hosting ServicesSavanna chose Sungard AS because it provides a turnkey disaster recovery service whose real time backup center, should an event occur, rests in another region providing geographic separation to ensure the security of Savanna's invaluable data.
Social Solutions Strengthens Public Sector Growthhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Social-Solutions-Strengthens-Public-Sector-Growth.aspxSocial Solutions Strengthens Public Sector GrowthCloud Services;Hosting Services;Security &; ComplianceMoving from its antiquated data-management methods to Sungard AS Enterprise Cloud Services helped Social Solutions quickly configure and deploy its web-based solution to more clients – addressing compliance requirements related to HIPAA and industry standards such as ISO. Sungard AS’ knowledge of industry regulatory requirements enables its team of experts to provide secure cloud solutions enabling customer compliance.
AMS Collaboratorhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/AMS-Collaborator.aspxAMS CollaboratorCloud ServicesAMS Collaborator builds web-based services and applications for clients in a variety of fields, ranging from legal to accounting to human resource management. As a full-service software and consulting firm, the company provides and maintains its clients’ applications, data, and infrastructure. AMS Collaborator was using a colocation service for applications and infrastructure, but found the overhead and maintenance of managing the hardware, software, and services for a rapidly growing user base unacceptably high. The moment of truth came when it chose instead to move to a cloud-based service for the future.
Maximizing the Scalability of a National Electronic Healthcare Networkhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/Maximizing-the-Scalability-of-a-National-Electronic-Healthcare-Network.aspxMaximizing the Scalability of a National Electronic Healthcare NetworkA national electronic healthcare network was experiencing significant growth in a compressed period of time. Due to the sensitive information it handled, the organization required an infrastructure that was second -to-none in its reliability and security.
NEBCO Deploys Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Planhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/nebco.aspxNEBCO Deploys Cost-Effective, Comprehensive Disaster Recovery PlanDisaster RecoveryNEBCO became a Sungard Availability Services customer in 2008 and first joined the Managed Recovery Program in 2011. In 2012 NEBCO put together a detailed analysis of whether it made more sense to build its own server room, host and administer its own infrastructure and handle disaster recovery independently, or selectively outsource to an outside company. It determined that going to an outside service would better meet its needs and prove more cost-effective.
Hosted SAP Software: Direct Relief focuses on serving humanitarian needshttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/hosted-sap-software-allows-direct-relief-to-focus-on-serving-humanitarian-needs-worldwide.aspxHosted SAP Software: Direct Relief focuses on serving humanitarian needsHosting Services;Application ManagementWith Sungard AS managing its SAP software environment, Direct Relief can focus on developing features that streamline its operations, donations and website with confidence that the data will be connected throughout their systems. If something fails, Sungard AS will provide the technical solution.​
Reply! Significantly Reduces Operating Costs With Sungard AS Cloudhttp://www.sungardas.com/Resource-Center/case-studies/Pages/reply-significantly-reduces-operating-costs-with-sungard-as-cloud.aspxReply! Significantly Reduces Operating Costs With Sungard AS CloudCloud Services;Disaster Recovery;Hosting Services"Sungard AS' private Cloud services and the tailored model they built let us consolidate a significant volume of data, enabling us to do a lot more with a lot less", says Hajebi, whose business now relies on just nine servers.

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