Cloud: New Ways to Get the Biggest Return from Your Cloud IT​


It is tough to avoid the cloud.  You see it on television commercials, in newspaper ads, and just about every place you turn. Has all this noise spiked your curiosity about how your business can benefit from cloud computing services? Let us help you discover how to elevate your cloud computing game with these three use cases that demonstrate the clear benefits of managed cloud services.



Avoid the Cloud Hangover the Cloud HangoverCloud ServicesEveryone wants to attend the cloud party, but avoiding the morning-after hangover that some U.S. companies experience can require help. Finding the right wingman is an effective strategy for making the best decisions to dodge a long-lasting headache.
EMC Healthcare Infographic: Preventative Medicine Healthcare Infographic: Preventative MedicineDisaster RecoveryKeeping healthcare information always on, always available, and always protected for patient care diagnosis and treatment has never been more critical.
The digital revolution is happening digital revolution is happeningCloud Services;Hosting ServicesYour systems are being deluged with increased web activity from emails, searches, tweets and transactions. In this "can't wait" world, downtime can impact both revenue and customer satisfaction.
Identifying the Risks that Reside In Healthcare IT Environments the Risks that Reside In Healthcare IT EnvironmentsApplication Management;Business Continuity;Cloud Services;Consulting Services;Disaster Recovery;Hosting Services;Security &; ComplianceYour healthcare enterprise relies on three pillars - the quality of your patient care, the effectiveness of your business resiliency, and your organization's solid reputation. Cracks in your Healthcare IT foundation can harm the stability of these pillars and ultimately jeopardize your entire healthcare enterprise.
5 Reasons Why It's Time to Rethink Your Disaster Recovery Strategy Reasons Why It's Time to Rethink Your Disaster Recovery StrategyDisaster RecoveryYour disaster recovery strategy is designed to fix critical problems and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. But what happens if your disaster recovery plan itself is broken and rendered useless? If you’re not sure of the health of your disaster recovery plan, here are five ways to know if you need to make repairing it a priority for your business.
6 Traits That Define Best-in-Class Disaster Recovery Traits That Define Best-in-Class Disaster RecoveryDisaster RecoveryAre you concerned about what downtime might cost your business? It’s a very real fear as downtime costs an enterprise an average of nearly a quarter million dollars per hour.
DRaaS: Are You Prepared for when Disaster Strikes? Are You Prepared for when Disaster Strikes?Disaster RecoveryFocus your IT resources on growing your business, not on Disaster Recovery planning. Sungard AS RaaS for EMC2 takes the planning of disaster recovery off your hands and provides peace of mind.
Anatomy of a Cyber Security Hack of a Cyber Security HackSecurity &; Compliance;Consulting ServicesA major mass-market retailer with more than 1,500 domestic locations and a reputation for exceptional customer service recently experienced a data breach. Hackers exploited their cyber security weaknesses and accessed the personal data of millions of the retailer’s customers. Learn how this cyber security attack unfolded.
What’s Keeping CIOs and IT Professionals Up at Night?’s Keeping CIOs and IT Professionals Up at Night?Security &; ComplianceWhat worries chief information officers (CIOs) and IT professionals the most? According to a recent survey commissioned by Sungard AS, information security, downtime avoidance and talent acquisition are of utmost importance for organizations across the board.
Why Cloud Recovery Services Make Smart Business Sense Cloud Recovery Services Make Smart Business SenseCloud ServicesThe cloud services market is maturing. As IT leaders gain more knowledge about the cloud, they are experiencing the benefits as well as the challenges as cloud technology grows. Are cloud-recovery services the natural next stage for IT leaders to consider?
Top Reasons for Data Protection Reasons for Data ProtectionSecurity &; ComplianceData protection is more important than ever since business environments are becoming more and more digital. Your business has different kinds of data that needs a good defensive plan.Some of the considerations included in a solid data protection plan are related to planning, analysis, testing, compliance, audits, and risk determination, along with data integrity, privacy and efficiency. ​
The Evolution of IT Disaster Recovery Evolution of IT Disaster RecoveryDisaster RecoveryBrought to you by the company that invented DR back in 1978, find out how the rapid growth of technology made disaster recovery what it is today, which can help you to identify where you are now and how to get a leg up on the future.
Partner Up - Expert Help in BC/DR Up - Expert Help in BC/DRBusiness Continuity;Consulting Services;Disaster RecoveryEnterprises are realizing they need expert help rather than relying solely on a DIY approach to business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR). Learn why – and what you need to take into account to ensure resiliency.
The Battle for Better Outcomes: BCP Software Takes On DIY BC Planning Battle for Better Outcomes: BCP Software Takes On DIY BC PlanningBusiness ContinuityWhen evaluating your next steps in preparing for disaster recovery, the most important decision to make is whether your enterprise will utilize business continuity (BCP) planning software or go the do-it-yourself route.
Enterprise Resiliency & Application Recovery - Real Life Chronicle of Two IT Departments During Hurricane Sandy Resiliency & Application Recovery - Real Life Chronicle of Two IT Departments During Hurricane SandyApplication Management;Disaster RecoverySuperstorm Sandy, a hurricane combined with a powerful nor'easter, struck the East Coast in late October 2012. It was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of 2012, as well as the second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history. This infographic tells the story of how productivity and preparedness paid-off for a prominent healthcare provider and East Coast university, who were able to weather the storm and maintain IT availability in spite of the odds.
Data Security: How To Beat Hackers At Their Own Game Security: How To Beat Hackers At Their Own GameHosting Services;Security &; ComplianceWant to keep your company out of the headlines for a data breach or getting hacked? Here's a roadmap for setting up a data security program and beating hackers at their own game.
Hot Mess for IT Recovery Mess for IT RecoveryDisaster RecoveryWhen your hybrid IT environment’s a hot mess, it suffers from legacy system inefficiencies and puts your data at risk for recovery. But you can recover. These simple steps can help you get on the right track.
Cloud: New Ways to Get the Biggest Return from Your Cloud IT New Ways to Get the Biggest Return from Your Cloud ITCloud ServicesThree use cases that demonstrate benefits of managed cloud services

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