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Secure Private Cloud For Your Mission-Critical Applications


As you probably know, the use of cloud is rapidly growing in popularity, but many organizations are still worried about what it means in terms of security – especially those in highly regulated environments, such as finance or health care. At Sungard Availability Services, our Private Cloud solution can address your concerns while providing the scalability and flexibility you need in a cloud infrastructure. In addition, Private Cloud is built on a fully PCI-DSS compliant infrastructure.

Specifically, Sungard AS' Private Cloud offers the following:

  • Servers fully dedicated to your organization for increased isolation and potentially higher performance at lower cost
  • High availability failover and failback options that keep your critical applications up and running
  • Access to Sungard AS' managed services including application management services (e.g., SAP, Oracle Exchange)

Because of our compliance posture and the depth and breadth of our Enterprise Cloud Services portfolio – which offers access to not only private cloud, but public and multitenant options as well – Sungard AS is uniquely positioned to provide you with full application lifecycle support.

To learn more, call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

Key Points
  • Enterprise cloud services are growing in popularity

  • Our Private Cloud is scalable and cost efficient

  • Our flexible cloud solutions are PCI-DSS compliant

  • Our Enterprise Cloud Services portfolio supports hybrid environments

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