Self-Managed Cloud Services

Agility For Your IT Department - Without Sacrificing Control


Many IT departments are challenged with effectively controlling costs while maintaining transparency and agility across an increasingly complex IT environment. Sungard Availability Services Self-Managed Cloud gives your business and IT staff the agility and extensibility of a public cloud solution to develop, test, and run applications while providing collaborative and control capabilities that offer transparency around IT spend.

Sungard AS Self-Managed Cloud service is unique because it provides:

  • Administrative ability to generate multi-user workspaces to meet unique budgets
  • Online self-service ordering and provisioning of virtualized resources
  • Monthly billing based on resources and compute actually used
  • No minimum commitment
  • Support for a broad range of operating systems

Public cloud is an efficient way to expand your virtual infrastructure, but has lacked flexible cost control until now.

With Sungard AS Self-Managed Cloud, business controls related to budgeting and governance of virtualized workplaces are given back to your IT department. And if your needs extend beyond a self-managed cloud implementation, our Enterprise Cloud Services portfolio can provide Private Cloud and Managed Cloud environments you need for a truly hybrid solution.

To learn more, call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

Key Points
  • Our self-managed cloud can help control virtualized workload and cost

  • We support a broad range of operating systems

  • Architect the right cloud solution by leveraging our expertise

  • Optimize your cloud infrastructure planning

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