Sungard AS Self-Managed Cloud Has A Pay-As-You-Go Billing Model Ensuring Maximum Cost Efficiency

Cost-Efficient Pricing

Sungard Availability Services Self-Managed Cloud Services have a utility billing model that calculates hourly and monthly usage ensuring that your business only pays for the resources actually used for maximum cost efficiency. Each configuration has the following attributes already included in the pricing:

  • Firewalls - Each virtual machine includes a virtual firewall providing protection from external risks.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – Isolation and security of your environment through built-in VPNs ensure proper access control.
  • Load Balancers – Distribute virtual workloads efficiently to optimize application performance.
  • Storage – 20-60GB of storage comes standard depending on configuration. See pricing summary below for details.
  • IP Address – Each virtual machine includes one private IP address.
  • Inbound Network Traffic – There are no charges for your inbound bandwidth.

Pricing Scenarios for Windows Configurations

Virtual Machine configuration sizeNumber of vCPUsGB RAM60 GB root volumePrice per month (In USD)
Small1512 (MB)included$34

Pricing Scenarios for Linux Configurations

Virtual Machine configuration sizeNumber of vCPUsGB RAM20 GB root volumePrice per month (In USD)
Small1512 (MB)included$26

Additional Cloud Storage Pricing

All virtual machines include a root volume as identified above. Sungard AS provides additional storage, which can be provisioned quickly, at the rate of $.15 per GB per month.

Pricing examples below:

Storage CapacityCost Per Month (In USD)
100 GB$15 per month
200 GB$30 per month
300 GB$40 per month

To learn more, call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

Sungard AS Self-Managed Cloud Services are governed by the Terms for Online Cloud Services and the Billing and Payment Policy posted on the Sungard AS Self-Managed Cloud Portal. The Sungard AS Self-Managed Cloud Services are available for business use and not for individual or personal use.

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