IT Disaster Recovery Consulting

Create Resilient, Available, Recoverable IT Services Through IT Disaster Recovery Consulting


Successful IT disaster recovery is about building a good foundation for resiliency. This involves planning, preparing, and implementing solid IT management practices. If you want to enable resilient, available, and recoverable IT services that meet your business continuity requirements, our IT Disaster Recovery consulting services can help.

With decades of IT and business continuity experience in-house, our expert consultants will aid you in:

  • IT Disaster Recovery Program Assessment. We'll review your program documentation (including test results and audit findings), study your recovery strategies, and interview key stakeholders to provide you with an industry-standard maturity assessment.
  • IT Disaster Recovery Strategy & Roadmap. We'll consider your infrastructure, applications, staff, and data in our mission to align your Business Continuity program requirements with your IT availability needs.
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plan Development. We'll develop plans and procedures for restoring your critical IT infrastructure, applications, and data in the event of a disruption.
  • IT Disaster Recovery Test Management. We'll help you validate your plans and procedures in alignment with your overall business continuity strategy.

Sungard Availability Services IT disaster recovery consulting services are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your business resiliency goals.

To learn more, call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

Key Points
  • Our DR consulting helps meet your BC requirements

  • We take into account your infrastructure and BC program

  • Our consulting experts offer a variety of custom assessments and plan options

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