Business Problem: HIPAA Compliance


Compliance is a huge undertaking for many enterprises, but especially those in the healthcare industry. It can be difficult to maintain compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which establishes regulatory standards around the security and privacy of Protected Health Information (PHI). Healthcare providers are becoming increasingly aware that HIPAA compliance is absolutely vital and violations are taken seriously. Given the complexities involved in achieving and maintaining compliance, it helps to have a partner to guide you through the compliance maze.

Sungard AS has a suite of products and capabilities to support your organization's journey toward HIPAA-compliance, including:

  • Robust infrastructure. Sungard AS' platform supports your quest for HIPAA compliance and is the first step toward a fully compliant organization.
    • HIPAA Assessment
    • Design and Remediation Services
    • Personally Identifiable Information Scanning
  • Security Consulting. We have the human expertise to guide you toward HIPAA compliance through:
  • Managed Security Services. Nearly all of our MSS portfolio services promote and enhance HIPAA compliance, including Managed SIEM and Managed File Integrity Monitoring, among others.

To learn more, call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

Key Points
  • The healthcare industry is swamped with HIPAA compliance concerns

  • We offer a suite of proven HIPAA compliance products

  • Our MSS portfolio services are designed promote HIPAA compliance

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