Get True Security Value Out Of Security Information And Event Management (SIEM)

The increasingly complex and sophisticated threat landscape calls for similarly sophisticated counter-measures. It is no longer sufficient to deploy stand-alone point solutions.

Our Managed SIEM service aggregates information from multiple devices across your network, including existing security appliances. Through advanced correlation technique, SIEM is able to proactively identify security events not otherwise detected by standalone security technology. It can be a critical tool that helps you close the gap between perceived and actual security.

Additionally, our Managed SIEM solution provides you with:

  • Platform implementation, custom rules tuning, active monitoring, and incident management
  • Daily updates on global threat intelligence
  • Expanded IT security capabilities, reducing the audit and compliance effort
  • Certified and highly knowledgeable security staff to provide 24/7 active security monitoring
  • Security analysts to assist you in root cause analysis and incident resolution

When combined with other Sungard AS managed security service such as IPS, the managed SIEM solution can aggressively enhances your company’s security posture.

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