Security Experts Fully Manage Your WAF And Respond To Incidents 24/7


Sungard AS Managed Web Application Firewall safeguards your websites and business-critical web applications around-the-clock from attacks and zero day exploits.

As part of Sungard AS suite of Managed Security Services that supports a Defense in Depth Information Security Strategy, Managed Application Firewall helps ensure your business is protected with:

  • Proven security. Sungard AS Managed Web Application Firewall secures against SQL injection, cross-site scripting, OS command injection as well as emerging and zero day attacks.
  • Lower cost, predictable service model. Sungard AS security analysts fully manage the WAF and respond to incidents for you on an ongoing basis. Protect your websites with no capital expenses; pay a predictable monthly fee. The solution is always current—no need to manage upgrades or patches. You can scale as needed. The WAF security solution can be implemented rapidly in a Sungard AS hosted facility.
  • Strengthened compliance. Our service supports you in meeting PCI DSS 6.6 requirements and other mandates, including HIPAA.

Sungard AS Managed Web Application Firewall is the essential defense against security breaches caused by web attacks. It is our primary responsibility to use our proven managed security expertise to keep your critical systems available. This low-cost WAF security solution provides a full suite of security measures to prevent unauthorized access to your websites and business-critical web applications.

To learn more, call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

Key Points
  • Ensure that your site is highly secure and accessible

  • Leverage our security analysts to monitor your site for incidents

  • Prevent loss of reputation, revenue, and productivity

  • Secure against SQL injection, cross site scripting, and other threats

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