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Keep Applications Available When You Partner With Sungard AS For Application Management


Oracle. Microsoft Exchange. SAP. Citrix. Your organization likely uses these and other applications to deliver against your actual business priorities. If you're considering moving your applications to a hosted or cloud environment – a necessary but often cumbersome process – Sungard Availability Services has the outsourced application management and infrastructure you need. We understand how complicated and interconnected applications can be and even have the ability to integrate all of your hybrid applications into one environment.

Selecting Sungard AS as your application hosting and management partner means you can:

  • Offload the nitty-gritty, everyday maintenance and low-level application operations from your IT staff so they can focus on value-added activities.
  • Leverage the cost of running your applications in a cloud or hosted environment – including people, property, expertise, and more – because we already have those pieces in place.
  • Gain the highest level of performance and availability for applications that support your business.

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