Proactive Database Management And Monitoring For Your Critical Microsoft SQL And Oracle Environments


Sungard Availability Services' Managed Database Services provides proactive administration, monitoring, reporting, and support for your Sungard AS-approved Microsoft SQL and Oracle Databases, including installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

You benefit from:

  • 24/7 database monitoring and management, alleviating the need to use scarce technical resources to manage day-to-day administrative tasks
  • Faster implementation with standardized service offering, including physical server installation, provisioning and managing tape backup, and issue resolution
  • Proactive patch management; allowing your staff to focus on more critical business initiatives
  • Reduce maintenance and operational support for business critical applications by leveraging Sungard AS database expertise
  • Near-instant Oracle database restoration, including options for second site recovery and availability via database replication and recovery services

Sungard AS Managed Database Services ensure the availability and performance of your critical databases. Sungard AS takes care of your application infrastructure, so you can focus on business results.

To learn more, call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

Key Points
  • Our Managed Database services support MS SQL and Oracle databases

  • Near-instant Oracle database restoration

  • Faster, more efficient server implementations

  • We own your application infrastructure so you can focus elsewhere

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