​​In today’s world, your company needs to be “always on” or risk losing money. Sungard Availability Services helps you achieve superior application availability and uptime for a better bottom line.

To achieve maximum availability for your critical applications, you need the right infrastructure, connectivity, processing power, memory, and capacity. Sungard Availability Services can help you with all of the above, and with many other application performance challenges, too. In addition, our disaster recovery and business continuity services will help you stay as minimally impacted as possible should an issue occur.​

Reliable, Scalable, & Available Applications


Whether you are experiencing steady organic growth or have event-based or seasonal spikes in demand, your business-critical applications must be able to support the instant-response expectations of your customers. At Sungard Availability Services, we support your workloads with a scalable infrastructure environment that can handle bursts without slowing down or stopping.​

Additionally, we arm you with the right security posture to protect your application data and transaction processes to counter the threats of cyber intrusion and data theft. Our breadth of services address the security lifecycle from network through application layer to guard against cyber-driven downtime and performance issues.​

Explore the following services and see how we can help you achieve superior application availability. ​

Key Points
  • Benefit from advanced infrastructures to support your business-critical applications

  • Experience application management to optimize your performance

  • Meet the demands of organic growth or seasonal spikes with ease

  • Protect your data and applications from cyber-threats

Application Management​


At Sungard Availability Services, we will manage and maintain your critical ERP applications, including SAP and Oracle. Plus, we have the ability to build virtual and physical environments for your applications. When you partner with us, you’ll have direct access to our extensive expertise and certified infrastructures.

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Cloud Services


Sungard Availability Services has the cloud services you need to achieve optimum performance and uptime – without sacrificing cost-effectiveness and security. Explore the three service offerings in our Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) portfolio: Private (Managed Private Cloud), Multitenant (Managed Cloud), and Public Cloud.

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Hosting Services


Since it’s likely that not every one of your applications will be placed in the cloud, the addition of a hosted environment may be the perfect solution. Leverage the fact that we are a managed services provider and let us house and manage your applications in our data centers.​

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