Unless you’re a brand-new company, you’ve probably got a hybrid IT environment. Optimizing that environment is about coordinating complexity and mitigating risk, all while you move forward on your digital transformation journey.

Hybrid IT environments are a reality for most enterprises today. Some applications are in the cloud for optimal performance and agility, while other workloads are still in running company data centers. The result is a complex weaving of legacy infrastructures, in-house resources, and public and private cloud deployments – all of which must be orchestrated to meet business, regulatory, and customer requirements. Sungard Availability Services helps bring order and direction into this complicated arena.

A Hybrid IT Environment Can Be Advantageous


Sungard Availability Services is uniquely qualified to help you optimize a hybrid IT environment in your enterprise. The breadth of our portfolio - including a full range of cloud options, managed hosting, and colocation services - plus our customer-centric approach equates to a customized solution that will meet your specific process, data, security, scalability, regulatory, and capacity needs.

We have extensive experience managing third-party services and technologies and operating as an “orchestrator” of all the moving parts on behalf of our clients, so you can focus your attention on your business.

Learn more about the following Sungard AS services and see how we can help you evaluate – and achieve – secure cloud or hybrid IT hosting.

  • Select from a full range of cloud, managed hosting, and colocation services

  • Optimize your IT environment for data security, scalability, and performance

  • Offload the management of third-party services and technologies

Cloud Services


Sungard Availability Services has the cloud services you need to create the optimal hybrid environment for your business. Explore the three service offerings in our Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) portfolio: Private (Managed Private Cloud), Multitenant (Managed Cloud), and Public Cloud.


Hosting Services


Sungard Availability Services’ hosting services – including everything from storage, network, and server needs to managed hosting at the application level – give your organization access to industry-leading services, application experience, and enterprise-class service level agreements.


Security and Compliance


It’s not enough to find an effective cloud or hybrid IT environment for your data – you also need the reassurance that your data is secure. Sungard AS’ managed security services offer you the peace of mind you need at a price you can afford.​