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Document Your Business Continuity Plan From Start To Finish With AssuranceCM


The problem with a lot of business continuity plans is a lack of real documentation – and yet, when a disaster occurs, documentation is exactly what you need. Not only that, but you have to be able to contact people (your employees, vendors, top customers, etc.) to ensure all of your processes are still running smoothly.

The answer Sungard Availability Services' AssuranceCM business continuity software. Designed by users and for users, this next-generation business continuity management solution removes the barriers to organization-wide engagement and builds greater confidence in your Plan B. It goes beyond simply addressing compliance requirements. Rather, it is about preparing teams to recognize threats to the business and empowering them to engage locally before incidents lead to major disruptions.

Our users rate the AssuranceCM experience as:

  • Intuitive – Simple and Facebook-easy, you can get your program up and running with minimal training
  • Aware – Merge external happenings with enterprise plans and gain real-time insights to act decisively
  • Alive – Eliminate manual data management and know that your data is accurate and up-to-date
  • Efficient, yet secure – Work smarter and engage users
  • Independent – Connect quickly to people and information that matters the most with SaaS mobile

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