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You've made a great start to ensuring “always on” availability for your IT systems by investing in a business continuity and disaster recovery tool. But achieving the rapid time-to-value that marks a truly successful program requires far more than technology alone – you need the right knowledge and expertise at your fingertips. That can be difficult when your managers are novices or when they simply have too much on their plate.

The Sungard Availability Services Software Support team can help. Whether you need help migrating data or just some extra assistance on the latest capabilities and tricks, we're here to ensure that your software investment leads to a robust and actionable program. We take pride in understanding your business and can align that knowledge with in-depth expertise in implementation, so you can be more productive.

Sungard AS' Business Continuity Software Support team provides:

  • The industry's most comprehensive onboarding and service offerings
  • Greater than 80% first call resolution for support incidents
  • Over 80 training classes and a constant stream of video and online tutorials
  • A team of software experts on standby to offer their insights
  • 24/7 availability around the globe
  • Comprehensive onboarding, jumpstart programs, and training
  • An intuitive customer service portal

To learn more about our business continuity software, please visit www.assurancesoftware.com or call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

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