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Get Your People Back To Work After A Disaster With Sungard AS' Work Area Recovery Solutions


It's no secret that when employees aren't working, your organization loses money. So what happens when a disaster compromises your work area? You need a solid work area recovery plan in place so your people can get back to work ASAP. And remember, it's not enough to have a physical location where they can work. They also need access to phones, PCs, your applications, and perhaps the Internet. Whether you like it or not, continuity of operations – or a lack thereof – will affect your bottom line if you aren't prepared.

That's where Sungard Availability Services comes in. Whether your workers use recovery seats in one of our brick and mortar centers (complete with break rooms stocked with refreshments) or in our custom-designed mobile recovery units that come to you, you're guaranteed a viable working environment that's secure and comfortable for your employees. Our people recovery program gives you the expertise, equipment, and facilities of Sungard AS' enterprise-grade recovery infrastructure and networks. That means you avoid the guesswork, costly capital outlay, and maintenance requirements of building and updating a backup worksite of your own.

So why choose Sungard AS? We have more than 27,000 workgroup recovery seats worldwide, plus a breadth of business continuity/disaster recovery products and services that make us a one-stop shop for anyone seeking high availability – whether for everyday production, or after a disaster.

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Recovery Sites

Workgroup Sites

To learn more, call a Sungard AS specialist at 18667147209.

Key Points
  • Avoid the guesswork and costly capital outlay associated with backup worksites

  • Benefit from our 27,000 workgroup recovery seats around the globe

  • Get your employees back to work quickly and avoid financial losses

  • Leverage our people recovery program expertise, equipment, and facilities

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