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Maximize uptime and the performance of virtual, hybrid and physical infrastructures.

Sungard AS Server Virtualization and Enterprise Cloud Services help deliver the required performance and availability through an easily scalable and highly available solution, leveraging a secured shared architecture – all from a trusted provider.

How we deliver virtualization benefits:

  • Virtualized Platform Hosting - As part of our Managed Services offerings, Sungard Availability Services provides Enterprise Managed Services and Full Infrastructure Management services for ESX servers.
  • Virtualization Assessment - Consulting experts help you build a business case for saving money, migrating data centers, or consolidating servers and other devices using a virtual infrastructure.
  • Server Virtualization Strategy and Design - Sungard AS creates a server-by-server action plan, recommends virtualization solutions, and projects cost, space and energy savings—all aligned with your availability objectives.
  • IT Recovery for virtualized platforms – Numerous options for your business to support the recovery of a virtualized environment. Whether providing extra hands during a test, never-fail support during a full-scale recovery, or managing the entire recovery process end-to-end on your behalf.

Focusing on delivering just the right capacity, at just the right time, we can help transform your IT operations and infrastructure from a capital-intensive function to a leaner, operationally-focused organization.

Contact Sungard AS today to find out more about how we can help. Call 1-866-714-7209.

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