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Business Continuity Management Services

Business Continuity Management suite of software tools

Compliance doesn’t equal confidence. In fact 75% of BC managers and incident managers surveyed by us the industry leader in continuity admit that they never used a plan “as –is”. Our organizations are demanding proof that their organizations are truly resilient.

The next era in Business Continuity is about real outcomes. It’s about

  • Driving Engagement so everyone can identify risks that matter
  • Gaining real-time awareness of IT, people, processes during an incident without manual intervention
  • Proving effectiveness that recovery will work when needed

What is Sungard AS AssuranceCM?

Designed by users, for users, this next-generation business continuity software and risk management solution removes the barriers to organization-wide engagement and builds greater confidence in contingency plans. It’s about extending beyond simply addressing compliance requirements. It’s also about knowing teams are prepared to recognize threats to the business and empowering them to engage locally before incidents lead to major disruptions.

Our users rate the AssuranceCM experience as

Intuitive – Simple and Facebook-easy, get your program up and running with minimal training

Aware – Merge external happenings with enterprise plans and gain real-time contextual insight to act decisively

Alive – Eliminate manual data management and trust that your data is accurate and up-to-date

Efficient – Yet secure to help you work smart, engage users and delight stakeholders on program effectiveness

Independent – SaaS and mobile, connect quickly to people and information that matters the most

1 99.99% SLA availability guarantee.

Plans and testing do not deliver outcomes, people do. Sungard AS AssuranceCM is about enabling you to take what we learn back into the business continuity/disaster recovery planning cycle and share it across the company for better outcomes.

Sungard AS is the pioneer in Business Continuity Management with wide adoption and a passionate user community. If you are an existing client please visit our customer portal or would like to learn about the Sungard AS Business CMS and related products, please visit the Knowledge Center

Call 1-866-714-7209 to speak to a Sungard AS specialist about Business Continuity Software.

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