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IT Consulting: IT Operations Improvement

Optimizing the performance of your IT operations processes, systems, and service delivery

Your business processes and your IT infrastructure are completely interdependent — and in a constant state of change. This complexity can present both challenges and opportunities.

A mandate to meet budget targets might present an opportunity to migrate your primary production environment to the Cloud. Organizational restructuring could require shifting IT resources, updating incident management processes, or adjusting systems management. Whatever the case may be, changes in your business mean changes to your technology and infrastructure. And the right way forward isn’t always clear.

The expert consultants in Sungard AS Operational Improvement practice draw on a deep well of experience guiding IT strategy and compliance in the most complex and dynamic organizations. With vendor-neutral technology and infrastructure expertise, we help you build and implement the right processes and systems for your business. Our focus is always on providing you with the support you need to create a fully compliant IT organization that delivers optimal performance within a streamlined budget.

Stronger governance and compliance

  • We provide a proven approach to IT governance and we benchmark your performance against industry peers as well as standards such as ITIL and COBIT.

A more successful operations resiliency program

  • Using proven Sungard AS planning software, our Operations Improvement solutions ensure data consistency across multiple platforms and test management programs, along with standardized reporting and seamless automation.

Lower cost IT operations

  • Sungard Availability Services provides the expert guidance necessary to develop an IT operating model that leverages Cloud infrastructure.
  • Our consultants can work with you to evolve your operations toward a SaaS business model, so you can deliver services to the business faster and more efficiently.
  • We deliver the technology and support that enables a transition away from costly company-owned hardware to the higher availability and more resilient platform deployed in a per-use model.

To learn more about how Sungard AS IT Consulting can help you improve operational resiliency,
call 1-866-714-7209.

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