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Disaster Recovery

Replication, Backup & Vaulting

Tiered application recovery using advanced data protection and recovery methods

Sungard Availability Services provides the best technology solutions available for managing your data, standing up your applications, and hydrating your data. This is all done by world-class recovery experts to help ensure a smooth path to recovery.

Enterprise Storage Replication

Your applications are what drive your business and the availability of backup data in a hydrated state, ready for mounting and restore, and ultimately what makes your recovery successful.

Sungard AS provides application availability using end-to-end data protection solutions to help you manage your data more efficiently, effectively, and securely.

Through our partnership with industry-leading backup and replication technology partners, Sungard AS Enterprise Storage Replication provides a utility-based pricing model backed by SLA’s for a CapEx-free solution.

Technology Supported

  • NetApp SnapVault & SnapMirror – Fully managed use of NetApp-embedded snapshot and mirroring, to ensure end-to-end protection of data in your NetApp environment.
  • EMC’s RecoverPoint - Provides concurrent local and remote data replication with continuous data protection for any Point in Time (PiT) Recovery.
  • Actifio Data Copy - Actifio's simplified approach to data management of combines backup, replication and recovery into one process.

Managed Backup and Vaulting

With Sungard AS Managed Backup & Vaulting Services backed by SLAs, your capacity is there when you need it, not when you don’t. When using Managed Backup & Vaulting Services, you will see no increase in capital expenditures, and as data demand increases, you can scale on-demand, only paying for the usage you need. Not only that, you are free to allocate your people to other projects or problems, reducing the pressure on your resources and mitigating the risk of human error in the complexity of your internal IT environment.

Once Sungard AS has protected your data onto a local appliance, we then replicate that data to one of the Sungard Availability Services Recovery Centers providing an off-site copy of your data. This data stays on disks at the recovery center and is constantly available in case there is an interruption of service at your primary data center. Sungard AS Managed Recovery Program and our Managed Backup Services work in conjunction with one another to ensure that we can provide Recovery Aware backups whenever you need them. This means that Sungard AS provides a recovery solution that will allow your business to continue to function while the primary data center is experiencing an interruption.

Technology Supported

  • TSM – IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) products provide backup, archive, recovery, space management, database and application protection, and bare machine recovery and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • EMC Avamar - Sungard AS Managed Vaulting and Backup services for Avamar apply a comprehensive approach to protecting your EMC® Avamar environment.
  • Actifio Data Copy - The heart of the Actifio solution is the Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) technology. Its function is to virtualize production data copy management, eliminating redundancies and re-purposing the unique data for multiple data management applications.
  • Symantec NetBackup™ - Built to protect the largest and most demanding data center environments. As a single solution to protect all of your data assets, NetBackup™ provides support for virtually every popular server, storage, hypervisor, database, and application platform used in the enterprise today.

To discuss how we might be able to help, call one of our data management and recovery specialists at 1-866-714-7209.

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