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Disaster Recovery

Recover2Cloud℠: Cloud Disaster Recovery Services

Secure cloud-based recovery that’s fully managed and backed by service level agreements

Thinking about cloud disaster recovery? Sungard Availability Services’ Recover2CloudSM managed cloud services guarantee the recovery of your critical applications on a secure, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure.

With Recover2Cloud cloud services, Sungard AS experts work with your team to develop the right mix of technologies to support the recovery time and recovery point objectives of each of your applications, and we take full accountability for meeting them.

Your Recover2Cloud cloud disaster recovery solution is custom-built to fit the needs of your business and delivers:

  • Contractual service-level agreements that guarantee specific recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Multiple availability options built to fit your needs and budget along with the widest array of data protection options
  • Guaranteed recovery for complex, hybrid physical-virtual environments including IBM i and AIX
  • Cost reduction of up to 50% compared to do-it-yourself recovery
  • Real-time views into test status and overall health of your recovery program

Recover2Cloud Technology Options Include:

Recover2Cloud for Server Replication

For your most critical applications, Recover2Cloud for Server Replication supports near-zero recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives of less than four hours. With this service, data is replicated from selected production servers to secure cloud infrastructure in a premier Sungard AS cloud disaster recovery center. Recover2Cloud for Server Replication also incorporates Continuous Data Protection to enable recovery to any point in time within several days prior to a failure.

Do you have critical applications on AIX or System i platforms? In fact a survey of 2500 customers revealed that almost 65% of clients had mixed environments with Intel platforms or a mix with legacy systems. Up till now tape was the only option. Recover2Cloud for Server Replication for IBM I and AIX respectively, bring cloud recovery benefits to complex and hybrid environments.

Recover2Cloud for vCenter SRM

For organizations with the need to recover large-scale virtual environments (VMware disaster recovery), Recover2Cloud for vCenter SRM is a fully managed solution that leverages your existing storage devices and VMware skill set. With R2C for vCenter SRM, your business can rely on fast, ironclad recovery times—along with reduced management costs and efficient pay-as-you-go pricing.

Recover2Cloud for Vaulting

Our Sungard AS Recover2Cloud for Vaulting supports recovery time objectives of less than 12 hours, with recovery points at the last successful backup. It provides de-duplicated backup copies of data stored in a secure vault at a Sungard AS location, in close proximity to recovery infrastructure. Recover2Cloud for Vaulting leverages an enterprise-shared, secure cloud computing infrastructure, which can reduce your total cost of ownership by 35% or more when compared to an in-house solution.

Recover2Cloud for Actifio

Recover2Cloud for Actifio is the cloud recovery solution which complements the Sungard AS Managed Backup and Enterprise Replication services for Actifio. R2C-Actifio provides a full managed and automated recovery of VM environments with guaranteed recovery times coupled with the benefits of simplified data management and pay-as-you-go pricing.

Call 1-866-714-7209 to speak to a Sungard AS specialist about Recover2Cloud.

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