Adapting swiftly to market conditions is critical in today’s economy. Sungard AS dramatically speeds your time to market by tailoring cloud environments to support your desired business outcomes, providing the right balance of customization and efficiency.

With the ever-increasing demands to innovate and transform as a digital business, enterprises are looking to the cloud for increased agility and responsiveness. In response to this need, Sungard Availability Services has architected a variety of cloud infrastructures to meet different business goals, structures, processes, and workflows – all with high availability options and offered in a staged and secure manner.

An Array of Clouds for Every Business Need


Sungard Availability Services’ complete suite of managed hosting, private, and public cloud offerings provides the flexibility you need to focus on your core competencies while simultaneously enabling you to enter new markets, reduce complexity, increase employee productivity, reduce costs, and improve your company's overall market competitiveness.

No matter what mix of systems you rely on, we’ll help you realize the full potential of the cloud while meeting complex compliance and regulatory requirements. Read more below about how our cloud services can help shorten your time to market and increase your business agility.

Key Points
  • We will help you choose the cloud solution that best fits your business processes

  • Our enterprise-grade SLAs stipulate a minimum of 99.95% availability

  • Using our flex pools, you can add incremental compute resources at any time

  • We take the burden of everyday management off your hands

Cloud and Infrastructure Consulting

The Sungard AS cloud consulting team will help you architect the cloud strategy that is right for you: one that helps you achieve the speed-to-market you need to keep a competitive edge.

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Cloud Services

Sungard AS has the cloud services you need to scale operations quickly and compete in a difficult marketplace – without sacrificing cost-effectiveness and security. Explore the three service offerings in our Enterprise Cloud Services (ECS) portfolio: Private (Managed Private Cloud), Multitenant (Managed Cloud), and Public Cloud.

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Hosting Services

Since it’s likely that not every one of your applications will be placed in the cloud, the addition of a hosted environment may be the perfect solution. Leverage the fact that we are a managed services provider and let us house and manage your applications in our data centers.

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