Resilient 4: Protecting the Complex IT Universe Through the Power of Resilience


Monstros-IT and the Rise of the Resilient 4:

With IT threats always on the horizon, the Resilient 4 empower you to manage complex IT environments and keep critical apps, people and businesses available 24/7 as you prepare for the villains of tomorrow.

Learn how the Resilient 4 work together to defeat Monstros-IT and save Virtualville in the first edition comic book: Monstros-IT and the Rise of the Resilient 4

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Meet the Resilient 4 IT Superheroes:


Flex Your Knowledge About Cloud:

Cloud's bionic flexibility provides unprecedented computing power, ensuring your Hybrid IT environments, critical applications and data are ready and available for action.

Advanced Energy Case Study
7 Dirty Little Secrets of Cloud Backup and Recovery
Shadow IT eBook: A Guide to Embracing Cloud Services

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Strengthen Your Security Knowledge:

Security's superior strength, quick reaction time and mighty force shield keeps your data and applications protected during any attempted attack.

QUMAS Case Study
Kahua Case Study
Infographic: Anatomy of a Cyber Security Hack

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Business Continuity

Manage Your IT Environment:

Agile and always prepared, DR's twin Business Continuity helps organizations manage their complex IT environments today and train for encountering the IT obstacles and villains of tomorrow.

Assurant Case Study
CSG International Case Study
4 Steps to Revitalize Business Continuity Programs
7 Keys to Unlocking a Modern Business Continuity Management Approach

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Disaster Recovery

Prepare For The Unexpected:

Robust and quick, Disaster Recovery (BC's twin), helps organizations restore themselves after unplanned downtime and distress and is an integral part of any resiliency plan.

Norwegian Cruise Line Case Study
Kelso & Co Case Study
Cloud Recovery for Hybrid IT Environments
Are You Prepared for when Disaster Strikes?
Disaster Recovery: The Game Has Changed Whitepaper

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