Mitigate Your Risk?

With security breaches making headlines each day, you need to prepare for disruptions before, mitigate during, and repair after events occur. Our experience across a broad range of industries ensures that your critical systems and data remain secure and fully compliant.

Security and compliance are necessary pillars in today’s business. But keeping up with ever-changing security threats and regulatory mandates can be a drain on your resources. A full-fledged IT security program requires intensive effort and cross-functional collaboration, as does ongoing compliance with government-imposed regulations (like HIPAA) or industry-imposed regulations (like PCI-DSS). Thankfully, Sungard AS has optimized solutions for you in security and compliance management.

The Perfect Partner for Security & Compliance Management


At Sungard Availability Services, we are certified in a wide variety of industry and technical regulations. All our own services are mapped to meet applicable security and compliance requirements, so we understand firsthand how to make these an organic part of your business processes. Plus, our IT compliance and security teams are closely integrated, giving you the benefit of a deep understanding of the controls necessary to maximize security and satisfy various data requirements.

In a business climate where more and more disaster recovery events will be triggered by security breaches, the depth and breadth of our service offerings and our unique heritage in disaster recovery and business continuity combine to help you optimize your overall security and compliance posture.

Explore our services below to see how you achieve – and maintain – security and compliance.

Key Points
  • We can evaluate your current security and compliance standing

  • AS will help you meet all industry and technical compliance regulations

  • We will prepare you for successful disaster, security, compliance, and other audits

IT Consulting Services


Our consulting experts understand the technical requirements of data protection and what this means from a data governance perspective. We can assess your current security standing and develop a strategy to prepare you for upcoming audits.

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Security and Compliance


We have achieved compliance and certifications ourselves – for example, our cloud offering is PCI-compliant, and we have HIPAA-HITECH certification – so we know what is involved. We will assist you in achieving and maintaining end-to-end compliance, removing the stress from IT compliance audits.

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Business Continuity


Many standards require you to have a business continuity plan in place, in case something happens to your primary place of business. Sungard Availability Services can help you establish and maintain a solid business continuity plan that satisfies industry regulations.

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