Business Runs on IT...
All the Time

Transforming your organization to take advantage of the promise of digital business is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s today’s imperative.

Gone are the days when IT was simply a cost center tasked with “operating technology.” You now need to intentionally enable business benefits, often acting as a services broker managing a complex landscape of internal resources and external suppliers.

If that wasn’t challenging enough, you’re still responsible for the always-on operations and management of your current (legacy) environment – with continued expectations for decreasing costs and improving efficiencies. With so many balls to keep in the air, you need a partner who can offload your day-to-day operations responsibilities and support your digital transformation journey.

A Right-Sized Approach Focused on Business Outcomes

Sungard Availability Services is unique. We work with you to understand your business goals, then design solutions to address exactly what you need – and not what you don’t. We recognize that your IT investment is not an end in itself, so we make sure that your technology solution supports your business outcomes.

Bringing Agility to Your Enterprise

From design through operations, from infrastructure through applications, Sungard Availability Services has the capabilities and expertise you need to offload the modernization and operation of your IT environment. We bring decades of enterprise availability experience to the planning, preparation, and transitioning of your business processes, applications, systems, and data into the new managed environment — ensuring continuity throughout.

Key Points
  • Evolve your aging IT infrastructure to become more agile and responsive

  • Experience the highest levels of application performance

  • Reduce operational, security, and compliance risk

Handling Hybrid IT Environments with Ease

Our expertise with complex hybrid environments is represented in our broad portfolio of cloud, application, and infrastructure hosting, security, and business continuity services – all designed to meet your requirements today and as you grow in the future. We can also effortlessly manage multi-sourced third-party environments for you, leaving you free to focus on strategic business initiatives to move your company forward.

Key Points
  • Lower operations costs so you can reinvest in higher value efforts

  • Offload the time- and resource-consuming management of multi-sourced environments

  • Strengthen existing hybrid environment

Partnering with You on Your Digital Journey

Engaging with a service provider is often the most effective and cost-efficient way to navigate demanding IT transitions while benefitting from the necessary management services, implementation assistance, and integration support. Sungard Availability Services delivers the know-how to construct and deliver the most appropriate solution – and roadmap approach – to assist you to achieve your future vision.

Key Points
  • Benefit from our extensive expertise in virtualization

  • Take advantage of proven best practices to avoid pitfalls and delays

  • Leverage our infrastructure, automation, and management technology

Transformation – Delivered

At Sungard Availability Services, we will help you strike the perfect balance between industrialization (for speed, repeatability, hardening) and customization (for flexibility and tailoring) to meet your unique business, technical, operational and compliance requirements. You will experience the digital transformation you need – both now and in the future – supported by our unrivaled resiliency and availability expertise.