At Sungard Availability Services, we design, build, and run production and recovery environments that are more resilient and available – giving your business the agility it needs to compete cost-effectively in the marketplace.

To achieve your business outcomes, we partner with you to discover your unique business needs and create a prioritized strategy aligned with your requirements. We then design an optimized solution to support high availability, encompassing the physical and virtual infrastructure and recovery options that best meet the requirements of your business. As we build your solution, we will help you manage both change and transformation. And finally, when your optimized environment is ready to run, we offer experienced staff and tools for transparency and total control.

The ultimate result Your people, processes, and technology will work together in perfect concert, powering your mission-critical IT to support employees, stakeholders, and customers alike.



Master Your Complex IT

Corporate IT is complex. Managing sprawling hardware, software, services and applications
simultaneously presents unique challenges, made harder still in an ever-changing

Sungard Availability Services can help you streamline and strengthen your environment
so you can achieve your business outcomes faster and more efficiently. As your
long-term technology partner, we'll work hand-in-hand to create a commercially
and operationally viable strategy designed for your unique needs, and
allocate the right resources to get there in the most efficient way.

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Build Resiliency into
Production and Recovery

Whatever IT systems you're supporting, it's crucial to keep them secure and available –
especially those used for critical workloads. Success depends on putting solutions
with the right resiliency in place, for both production and recovery.

Sungard Availability Services keeps your business-critical apps up and running. Our
uniquely integrated production and recovery IT solutions ensure you're always
prepared for disruptions and can minimize their impact, whilst delivering
an efficient and powerful production platform for your business's IT needs.

With extensive global experience deploying industry-leading Disaster Recovery
 across a broad range of sectors, your systems and data will stay secure and fully
compliant. We'll work with you to understand your business,
then design production and recovery portfolios
for every aspect you need.

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Adapt and Deliver to Opportunity
and Demand

IT must be the enabler of innovation and growth - and that means being able to deliver
results immediately to meet the demands and needs of the business.

Sungard Availability Services will work with the systems you have in place and tailor solutions
to meet your unique challenges with the right blend of customization
and efficiency. We'll partner with you to design and deploy quickly to suit
your budget, timelines, and circumstances.

Whatever challenge you're facing, we've worked with others who have been
in a similar position. We're ready to apply what we've
learned to help and support you.

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