Disaster recovery and business continuity services: top tips for VARs

When pitching disaster recovery and business continuity services, value-added resellers of IT services typically encounter a common obstacle: Prospective customers simply don’t grasp the financial and reputational costs they could incur from the loss of critical data. Melissa McCoy, vice president of channel marketing at Sungard Availability Services, shares services selling tips for VARs surrounding lower costs, heightened efficiency, a sharpened focus on core business objectives and strong security protection.



Managing Business Continuity and Resiliency in 2015http://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Managing-Business-Continuity-and-Resiliency-in-2015.aspxManaging Business Continuity and Resiliency in 2015With April showers comes the need for crisis management and emergency response. Bob DiLossi, Director of Crisis Management and Infrastructure Recovery Testing for Sungard Availability Services, offers tips for companies on how to best prepare people for a disaster, including assessing telecommuting and work strategies, focusing on internal resource planning and ensuring that they have the appropriate workgroup space lined up should a disaster occur.
Adapting to the changing cloudhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Adapting-to-the-changing-cloud.aspxAdapting to the changing cloudAccording to a study sponsored by Sungard AS and EMC, and conducted by IDG, cloud migration is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, half of organizations report they expect to boost their cloud services budgets over the next 18 months. Yet security concerns still linger, as 63 percent of surveyed organizations expressed concern over the cloud’s security.
Security and the Cloud: What You Should Ask Your Cloud Providerhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/security-and-the-cloud-what-you-should-ask-your-cloud-provider.aspxSecurity and the Cloud: What You Should Ask Your Cloud ProviderAs more contractors move their data to the cloud, managers need to ask the right questions to ensure their information is protected. Len Whitten of Sungard AS urges contractors to know and understand background about their cloud provider, including their financial information and certifications. Additionally, contractors should also question the security procedures providers have in place.
Sungard AS Enhances RaaS Portfoliohttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/sungard-as-enhances-raas-portfolio.aspxSungard AS Enhances RaaS PortfolioSungard Availability Services introduced new data management and cloud recovery services that will significantly reduce recovery times and costs for businesses managing complex, disparate hybrid environments. Among them are Recover2Cloud for Actifio and Recover2Cloud for Server Replication for AIX and iSeries. View the complete article
Sungard Availability Services Expands RaaS Portfoliohttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/sungard-availability-services-expands-raas-portfolio.aspxSungard Availability Services Expands RaaS PortfolioSungard Availability Services recently expanded its RaaS portfolio with new data management and cloud recovery offerings including Recover2Cloud for Actifio, Managed Vaulting and Backup for Actifio, and Recover2Cloud for Server Replication for AIX and iSeries. View the complete article
Sungard AS Expands Channel Program to Europehttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Sungard-AS-Expands-Channel-Program-to-Europe.aspxSungard AS Expands Channel Program to EuropeSungard Availability Services is crossing the pond, taking its channel partner program to the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg and Sweden.
7 things businesses get wrong about disaster recoveryhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/7-things-businesses-get-wrong-about-disaster-recovery.aspx7 things businesses get wrong about disaster recoveryAccording to the Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council, 73 percent of companies worldwide are failing in terms of disaster readiness. Reported losses from a disaster ranged from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars with nearly 20 percent indicating losses of more than $50,000. One recent outage could cost a major SaaS provider upwards of $20 million.
7 steps to hurricane-ready disaster recoveryhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/7-steps-to-hurricane-ready-disaster-recovery.aspx7 steps to hurricane-ready disaster recoveryHurricanes leave whole states, even entire regions of the country, boarding up windows, piling sand bags, and evacuating homes and businesses. So if your data is backed up to another section of your city, it's probably not safe. Copy your data to an area that seldom sees hurricanes and has few natural disaster threats. Sungard AS provides the following seven disaster recovery (DR) tactics to put your data on even safer ground.
Sungard Availability Services Recognized for Creativity and Ingenuity in B2B Marketinghttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/sungard-availability-services-recognized-for-creativity-and-ingenuity-in-b2b-marketing.aspxSungard Availability Services Recognized for Creativity and Ingenuity in B2B MarketingThis month Sungard AS was recognized for its creativity in business-to-business marketing by the Business Marketing Association and Marketo, receiving a total of five awards three BMA Global ACE Awards and two Marketo Revvie Awards.View the complete article
6 Ways Every Company Can Fight Ransomware Attackshttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/6-Ways-Every-Company-Can-Fight-Ransomware-Attacks.aspx6 Ways Every Company Can Fight Ransomware AttacksRecent ransomware attacks on hospitals and medical centers should serve as a wake-up call for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Every business is at risk as hackers specifically look to disrupt business with the simple goal of extorting money.
8 ingredients of an effective disaster recovery planhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/8-ingredients-of-an-effective-disaster-recovery-plan.aspx8 ingredients of an effective disaster recovery plan"When putting your disaster recovery plan in writing, divide your applications into three tiers," says Robert DiLossi, senior director, Testing & Crisis Management, Sungard Availability Services. "Tier 1 should include the applications you need immediately. These are the mission-critical apps you can't do business without. Tier 2 covers applications you need within eight to 10 hours, even up to 24 hours. They're essential, but you don't need them right away. Tier 3 applications can be comfortably recovered within a few days," he explains.
Cisco Ramps Up Intercloud Efforts, Adds 30 Global Partnershttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/cisco-ramps-up-intercloud-efforts,-adds-30-global-partners.aspxCisco Ramps Up Intercloud Efforts, Adds 30 Global PartnersCisco expanded its Intercloud system by adding 30 new global partners and investing $1 billion to accelerate adoption of Cisco-powered clouds. Sungard AS was part of the original group of partners announced earlier this year.View the complete article
Nine Cloud Patterns to Expect in 2016http://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Nine-Cloud-Patterns-to-Expect-in-2016.aspxNine Cloud Patterns to Expect in 2016As organizations further adapt their IT strategies to take advantage of the opportunities and overcome the challenges, the cloud will be the main focal point. This ongoing digital transformation promises to continue to expand the growing voice and clout of IT leaders in enterprises' senior leadership ranks.
New Sungard portal has a reseller viewhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/new-sungard-portal-has-a-reseller-view.aspxNew Sungard portal has a reseller viewSungard AS has revamped its channel partner technology system in order to help solution providers better find sales and training material and to secure new opportunities through deal registration. The new portal will provide access to co-branded documents and have the ability for channel partners to secure MDF funds. View the complete article
The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The IT Platform Editionhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/The-Strange-Case-of-Dr-Jekyll-and-Mr-Hyde-The-IT-Platform-Edition.aspxThe Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The IT Platform EditionUtilizing different independent information technology platforms to meet specific corporate needs doesn't seem like a bad idea. In fact it might be a great idea because it allows companies to leverage platforms to meet specialized needs.
Six Challenges That Keep CIOs, Other IT Pros Up at Nighthttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Six-Challenges-That-Keep-CIOs-Other-IT-Pros-Up-at-Night.aspxSix Challenges That Keep CIOs, Other IT Pros Up at NightWhat worries CIOs and IT professionals the most? Sungard Availability Services identified CIOs' three top concerns the health of their organizations' security plans, both internally and externally; the increasing cost and threat of downtime; and acquiring and retaining top talent. Ric Jones, CIO of LifeShare Blood Centers, said that while IT professionals are expected to keep systems secure, they often receive limited support and resources to make it happen.
The Cloud and PCI Compliance: An Issue Emerges from Recent IT Breacheshttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/the-cloud-and-pci-compliance-an-issue-emerges-from-recent-it-breaches.aspxThe Cloud and PCI Compliance: An Issue Emerges from Recent IT BreachesIn a contributed article, Andrew Byrne, former regional vice president of Solutions Design at Sungard AS shares best approaches – including using a MSP or considering private cloud – for ensuring PCI compliance in the cloud.View the complete article
Six case studies that prove content marketing ROI isn’t fictionalhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/six-case-studies-that-prove-content-marketing-roi-isn’t-fictional.aspxSix case studies that prove content marketing ROI isn’t fictionalContrary to popular belief, content marketing can drive results. This article highlights six cases studies where companies, including Sungard Availability Services, implemented content marketing strategies to great success. Sungard AS’ zombie apocalypse campaign – the first case study mentioned – delivered a 200 percent higher click-to-open rate than the company’s previous campaigns and generated 24 leads. View the complete article
Companies advised to combat persistent cyber threats with resiliencehttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Companies-advised-to-combat-persistent-cyber-threats-with-resilience.aspxCompanies advised to combat persistent cyber threats with resilienceConfronted with inevitable cyber-attacks, organizations must go beyond cyber security and focus on achieving cyber resilience. Sungard AS’ Matt Goche and William Gouveia share how companies can better align security measures with business objectives and ensure risk prevention, not technology, drives board room conversations.
5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Cloud Service Providershttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/5-Questions-to-Ask-When-Choosing-Cloud-Service-Providers.aspx5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Cloud Service ProvidersYou're in the market for a cloud service provider, but the sales pitches are all starting to sound the same. The provider you choose will have a major impact—for good or ill—on your IT and your business, so it's not a decision to be made lightly. How do you distinguish one from the other and make sure you've found the best fit?
Building IT Resilience: Why Systems and Data Need Full Protectionhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Building-IT-Resilience-Why-Systems-and-Data-Need-Full-Protection.aspxBuilding IT Resilience: Why Systems and Data Need Full Protection​Souvik Choudhury, vice president of Product Management at Sungard AS, explains the differences between business resiliency and disaster recovery, and how companies can become more realistic when defining their resiliency and response objectives.
Big Data Security: Understanding the Riskshttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Big-Data-Security-Understanding-the-Risks.aspxBig Data Security: Understanding the RisksOren Hamami, former director of Security Strategy at Sungard AS, discusses big data security issues companies are facing, including how to protect a new kind of information asset and understanding risks associated with big data. With big data, he believes traditional approaches to data security and resiliency no longer apply.
B2B Perspective: Sungard Availability Services Uses Zombie Fad to Hook Decision-Makershttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/B2B-Perspective-Sungard-Availability-Services-Uses-Zombie-Fad-to-Hook-Decision-Makers.aspxB2B Perspective: Sungard Availability Services Uses Zombie Fad to Hook Decision-Makers​Stephanie Wharton of eMarketer features a case study profile on Sungard AS’s Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide, which discusses how Sungard AS wasn’t afraid to take risks with its B2B marketing strategy by leveraging more out-of-box messaging themes that resonated well with its target audiences.
Five Steps to PCI DSS Compliancehttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Five-Steps-to-PCI-DSS-Compliance.aspxFive Steps to PCI DSS ComplianceIn this eWeek slideshow, Sungard AS shares five steps organizations can take, including overcoming the culture of undocumented change and shrinking the cardholder data environment, to build successful PCI DSS compliance programs.
Survey: Hybrid IT solutions embraced by three-quarters of companieshttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Survey-Hybrid-IT-solutions-embraced-by-three-quarters-of-companies.aspxSurvey: Hybrid IT solutions embraced by three-quarters of companiesNearly three out of four organizations believe running a hybrid IT environment is critical to success and keeping pace with the competition, according to a recent survey of IT leaders in financial, retail, healthcare and other industries.
Case Study: How One Tech Company Used Humor to Launch a New Brandhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Case-Study-How-One-Tech-Company-Used-Humor-to-Launch-a-New-Brand.aspxCase Study: How One Tech Company Used Humor to Launch a New BrandSungard AS used humor to communicate with prospects while splitting-off from its former parent company, launching a new brand.
3 things keeping CIOs up at nighthttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/3-things-keeping-CIOs-up-at-night.aspx3 things keeping CIOs up at nightThree top threats keeping CIOs up at night are security, downtime and talent acquisition, according to a survey commissioned by Sungard AS. Specifically, 62 percent of respondents said leaving mobile phones or laptops in vulnerable places is a top security concern, and 59 percent thought the amount employees share passwords is worrisome.
Cloud Computing 101: How Can You Benefit from Migrating to the Cloud?http://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Cloud-Computing-101-How-Can-You-Benefit-from-Migrating-to-the-Cloud.aspxCloud Computing 101: How Can You Benefit from Migrating to the Cloud?In a contributed article, Len Whitten, Cloud Services product manager at Sungard AS explains the benefits of migrating to the cloud and offers considerations construction companies should make before doing so. According to Len, construction companies should first determine what the goals for their cloud environment are and then figure out what regulatory compliance demands the cloud can satisfy.
Are You Ready for the Cloud?http://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Are-You-Ready-for-the-Cloud-News.aspxAre You Ready for the Cloud?​Len Whitten, cloud services product manager at Sungard AS, discusses 10 things construction business owners should consider before migrating to the cloud.
Planning more data protection for truckinghttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/planning-more-data-protection-for-trucking.aspxPlanning more data protection for truckingAs the manufacturing and supply chain industries continue to rely on data and digital connections to service customers, IT specialists believe managers need to conduct more electronic backup and protection planning. Chris Cooley, vice president, Operations Transformation, for Sungard Availability Services, offers insight on how fleet managers can better prepare for downtime by building strong business continuity and disaster recovery plans.View the complete article
In Search of a Cloud Worthy of the Enterprisehttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/in-search-of-a-cloud-worthy-of-the-enterprise.aspxIn Search of a Cloud Worthy of the EnterpriseDiscussing the future of the cloud for enterprise, IT Business Edge reporter Arthur Cole mentions Jeff Fleece’s Forbes BrandVoice article on the trend of engineering cloud environments specifically geared towards key tasks, like big data for example.View the complete article
Why Hybrid IT remains 'Part Jekyll, Part Hyde'http://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Why-Hybrid-IT-remains-Part-Jekyll-Part-Hyde.aspxWhy Hybrid IT remains 'Part Jekyll, Part Hyde'The survey respondents, spread throughout the U.S. and Europe, remain committed to Hybrid IT strategies despite growing skills gaps and the potential costs and complexity of mixing cloud resources with existing in-house IT environments.
Resiliency 2015: Technology That Delivers Intelligence, Insights in Real Timehttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/resiliency-2015-technology-that-delivers-intelligence,-insights-in-real-time.aspxResiliency 2015: Technology That Delivers Intelligence, Insights in Real TimeWhen a major storm or natural disaster hits, today’s businesses and organizations often can’t respond fast enough which can cause significant process disruptions and concerns for employees, even if IT systems stay up. Real-time performance and intelligence can detect threats at the earliest possible stages, helping companies better plan for disasters and mitigate risk.View the complete article
5 essential skills for implementing software-defined infrastructurehttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/5-essential-skills-for-implementing-software-defined-infrastructure.aspx5 essential skills for implementing software-defined infrastructureSDI is on the upswing. Sixty-seven percent of enterprises will increase SDI spending in 2016, according to a 451 Research report. But are organizations ready? Before you engage in a software-defined infrastructure (SDI) implementation, make sure your organization has the skilled staff in place needed for it to succeed.
CIOs make progress, but still get no respecthttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/cios-make-progress-but-still-get-no-respect.aspxCIOs make progress, but still get no respectA compilation of research from organizations including Sungard AS, Forrester, Gartner and the Harvard Business Review suggest a large gap remains between IT performance and business expectations. The data implies CIOs should continue to spend more time with business departments and leaders to learn the nuances of their needs and goals, in order to better solve their business challenges through IT. View the complete article
Testing Your Disaster Recovery Plan in the Cloudhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Testing-Your-Disaster-Recovery-Plan-in-the-Cloud.aspxTesting Your Disaster Recovery Plan in the CloudYou've moved your disaster recovery operation to the cloud and now it's time to test it. That's essential because it's the only way to guarantee your plan works and that you can recover critical data after a disruption. Plus, testing allows you to train staff, perform maintenance, engage your business users and suppliers, and make your organization aware of disaster recovery (DR) procedures.
Recovering Complex Hybrid Infrastructureshttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/recovering-complex-hybrid-infrastructures.aspxRecovering Complex Hybrid InfrastructuresIn a contributed article, Jeff Fleece, director of cloud consulting at Sungard AS, offers tips for recovering complex hybrid IT environments. His advice includes compiling a well-documented and integrated disaster recovery blueprint, securing the right recovery technologies per platform, and deeply understanding the network architecture connecting environments.View the complete article
White hat hacker reveals top security mistakeshttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/White-hat-hacker-reveals-top-security-mistakes.aspxWhite hat hacker reveals top security mistakesSungard AS’ Asher de Metz, lead senior consultant, information security, reveals the top IT security mistakes he sees companies regularly make – and the simple fixes that will keep systems more secure.
CES 2015: Mobile Cloud, NetBond VPN platform grow with Sungard AShttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/ces2015-att-mobile-cloud-netbond-vpn-platform-grow-with-sungard-blue-jeans.aspxCES 2015: Mobile Cloud, NetBond VPN platform grow with Sungard ASZDNet writes on new enterprise players joining AT&T’s NetBond ecosystem, including Blue Jeans Network and Sungard AS.
CIOs' Biggest Worry: Securityhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/CIOs-Biggest-Worry-Security.aspxCIOs' Biggest Worry: SecurityAccording to a survey commissioned by Sungard Availability Services, CIOs’ biggest worry is software security. As Investor’s Business Daily explains, only half of all firms have cyber insurance, and less than two-thirds have plans to fix data security breaches.
CIO 100 Winners Turn Analytics Into Money-Making New Productshttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/CIO-100-Winners-Turn-Analytics-Into-Money-Making-New-Products.aspxCIO 100 Winners Turn Analytics Into Money-Making New ProductsHow can IT drive business value? This year’s list of CIO 100 award honorees collectively spent more than $502 million on their technology projects, and many of the winning efforts focus on using advanced analytics to create new sources of revenue, improve customer experience and increase competitive advantage. Sungard AS’ Nick Magliato was named to the list and will represent Sungard AS at the CIO 100 award ceremony on August 19.
73 percent of organizations embrace hybrid IT strategyhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/73-percent-of-organizations-embrace-hybrid-IT-strategy.aspx73 percent of organizations embrace hybrid IT strategyHybrid IT strategy involves using a combination of in-house IT and cloud services. The majority of organizations (73 percent) across healthcare, financial services, retail and more agree this type of strategy is necessary to remain competitive, according to a Sungard Availability Services survey.
A Close Look at Leaders in Rapidly Growing DRaaS Markethttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/A-Close-Look-at-Leaders-in-Rapidly-Growing-DRaaS-Market.aspxA Close Look at Leaders in Rapidly Growing DRaaS MarketSungard AS has a multi-solution DRaaS service that includes Recover2Cloud, Managed Recovery Program and Enterprise Storage Replication. Its model is a managed service that includes customer-managed features for a more customizable experience. It offers both cloud and hosting services to tailor its disaster recovery service to customer needs.
3 Sides of a Profitable Partner Experiencehttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/3-Sides-of-a-Profitable-Partner-Experience.aspx3 Sides of a Profitable Partner ExperienceCarmen Sorice, senior vice president, channels, Sungard AS, pens a piece in Channel Partners on the three sides to a profitable partner experience, including the right technology, the right service and the right channel. According to Carmen, partner profitably will be realized to its fullest extent only when channel providers go beyond just reselling existing cloud services.
20 Innovative Ways IT Can Impact the Business in 2015http://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/20-Innovative-Ways-IT-Can-Impact-the-Business-in-2015.aspx20 Innovative Ways IT Can Impact the Business in 2015CIO.com explores the ways IT impacts business strategy and quotes industry experts. Chris Ortbals, vice president, services product management at Sungard AS, says that in 2015, IT buying power will disperse to business unit leads, moving away from sole CIO ownership.
Tips for IT Leaders on Preparing for an Attack on the Power Gridhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Tips-for-IT-Leaders-on-Preparing-for-an-Attack-on-the-Power-Grid.aspxTips for IT Leaders on Preparing for an Attack on the Power GridThe country's aging power grid leaves millions—including some of the nation's largest enterprises—vulnerable. Bob DiLossi, director of crisis management at Sungard Availability Services, offers tips on crisis planning and recovery testing for CIOs and IT leaders should an attack occur on this system.
7 steps your business can take to weather disasterhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/7-steps-your-business-can-take-to-weather-disaster.aspx7 steps your business can take to weather disasterBob DiLossi, director of Crisis Management at Sungard AS, offers CIOs and CTOs tips for ensuring business critical data and functions remain available in the face of natural and man-made disasters.
Zyme Partners with Sungard Availability Services to Deliver Robust and Secure Cloud and Disaster Recovery Serviceshttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Zyme-Partners-with-Sungard-Availability-Services-to-Deliver-Robust-and-Secure-Cloud-and-Disaster-Recovery-Services.aspxZyme Partners with Sungard Availability Services to Deliver Robust and Secure Cloud and Disaster Recovery ServicesSungard AS announced it is working with Zyme Solutions – global leader in the emerging channel data management space – to provide Zyme's customers with Recover2Cloud services, hosted in the Sungard AS cloud and backed by a geographically-diverse disaster recovery deployment.
Resiliency and the Nation's Power Gridhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Resiliency-and-the-Nations-Power-Grid.aspxResiliency and the Nation's Power GridThe country's aging power grid leaves millions - including some of the nation's largest enterprises - vulnerable. Bob DiLossi, director of crisis management at Sungard Availability Services, offers advice for IT leaders on preparing for such an attack – including tips on crisis planning, recovery testing and more.
Carmen Sorice: Don’t Fear a Business Transitionhttp://www.sungardas.com/company/news/sungard-as-in-the-news/Pages/Carmen-Sorice-Dont-Fear-a-Business-Transition.aspxCarmen Sorice: Don’t Fear a Business TransitionChannel Partners highlights advisory board member Carmen Sorice, who oversees the channel program at Sungard AS. Carmen, a former engineer, discusses his career trajectory and his goals for Sungard AS’ channel program.

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