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Reach new heights in responsive IT

If your systems are straining from increased transaction loads, compute-intensive applications and an unwavering demand for availability, it's time to explore or
expand cloud services.

With faster provisioning and on-the-fly scalability, you can align IT resources with business needs in the now and be ready for what's in the future. And, with Sungard Availability Services at your side, you can greatly simplify your transition to the cloud as you transform the way you consume and pay for IT services.

Master complexity. Let us help you define and follow a plan to the cloud, protect legacy investments and simplify your hybrid environment to maximize resources and reduce overall spend.

Simplify cloud integration. Seamless integration between our self-managed and managed cloud solutions means you can develop applications on one platform and easily port them to another to support the entire software development cycle.

Build resiliency. Get continuous access to mission-critical applications across your IT environment – from the production systems that process your transactions to the recovery systems that protect your data and your business. As a leader in disaster recovery, we can also help ensure you have a fully recoverable production environment, if and when you need it.

Adapt for the future. Leverage the latest advances in self-managed cloud services, managed cloud services and private cloud services to adapt your environment to changing needs and take advantage of opportunities as they develop.

Why Sungard AS?

Why Sungard AS for cloud services?

With over 35 years of experience helping our customers navigate their IT journeys, you can rely on Sungard Availability Services to ease and speed your path to the cloud as you progress to a more responsive and agile IT environment.

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Choose the right cloud

What's the right cloud for you? The answer is to let your applications drive your decision. Consider each application's availability, performance, security and recovery needs. Decide whether you want to manage the environment on your own, or have us manage it for you. Then align those requirements and preferences to the features of specific cloud services.

Self-Managed Cloud

Our self-managed cloud services deliver the agility and scalability of a public cloud for developing, testing and running applications. Provides collaborative and control capabilities that offer transparency around IT spend.

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Managed Cloud

Built on an infrastructure that supports PCI-DSS compliance, our managed cloud services offer a multi-tenant solution designed to minimize downtime. It features innovative technology that delivers the highly reliable cloud infrastructure you need for a production environment.

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Hosted Private Cloud

Gain the scalability and agility of a cloud infrastructure with the security and performance advantages of having server and storage resources fully dedicated to your organization. Self-managed and managed private cloud services are available.

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Government Cloud

A managed infrastructure to meet compliance and digitization mandates for how official and/or sensitive data can be processed and stored. Supports cost-saving initiatives for government agencies to use third-party infrastructure services to avoid capital expenses. Available in the UK.

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