Data Center & Disaster Recovery Locations

Sungard AS data centers and recovery locations encompass 5 million square feet in over 80 locations worldwide.

Toronto tor-55 data center

  • 10,000 sq. ft. of data center space
  • Custom cage builds available with ICB
  • 18” raised floor space for power and network runs
  • CAT6 connectivity to all new installations
  • Hot and cold aisles for improved air flow and cooling
  • 36” and 40” deep cabinets
  • Half and full cabinets available
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Toronto tor-371 data center

  • 40,000 sq. ft.
  • 20,000 sq.ft. raised floor
  • Optional additional 10,000 sq. ft.
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Toronto tor-1800 workgroup

  • 80,000 sq. ft. recovery center
  • 50,600 sq. ft. raised floor with 27,168 sq. ft. dedicated to ARS/MS
  • (2) Computer Recovery Centers (CRC)
  • (4) Customer Command Centers (CCC)
  • (4) Workstation Recovery Centers (Workforce Continuity)
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Toronto tor-2330 workgroup

  • 78,700 sq. ft. recovery center
  • (300) End-user recovery seats
  • Multiple customer accessibility
  • Conference rooms and lounge areas
  • Support for LAN systems
  • 15 Kilometers from Toronto-Pearson International Airport
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Toronto tor-6535 workgroup

  • Building construction 1976; data centre facilities augmented in 2009
  • 26,000 sq. ft., total suite size
  • 11,000 sq. ft. of raised floor; Smoke and heat detectors in raised floor area
  • Main building entrance remote annunciation panel for use by fire department
  • Potential build out space for 150 dedicated work stations
  • Water sensors installed under raised floor area
  • Dry pre-action system in raised floor area; activated smoke or heat detector from two zones arms and floods the system and cuts power
  • 132 degree fusible sprinkler heads provide zoned dousing
  • 24-hour direct alarm transmission to off-site monitoring service
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