Managed Recovery on AWS

Protect Your Data with an Integrated AWS Managed Recovery Solution.

Ensure that you have the most complete recovery solution for your IT needs at a fraction of the cost with Sungard Availability Services Managed Recovery on AWS! This flexible solution enables you to use the AWS cloud for recovery instead of your own on-premise disaster recovery site or a Sungard Availability Services' site.

With Managed Recovery on AWS, your source data is always protected, whether it is on AWS, colocated, on a private cloud, or even on another public cloud. The solution also includes storage replication across a dedicated network to ensure site-to-site recovery and to prevent data loss. Best of all, the integrated AWS recovery solution utilizes a utility-based pricing model, so you only pay for what you use: you have the flexibility to scale your cloud storage based on data usage patterns.

This unified Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) solution combines the tested and proven Sungard Availability Services' recovery products and services with AWS cloud-based storage. With Cloud-based Recovery for AWS, Sungard Availability Services delivers a complete set of essential services to ensure comprehensive, compliant, and effective testing and recovery.

Build Resiliency into your AWS Environment

We combined the tested and proven Sungard AS recovery products and services with AWS cloud-based storage.

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