DAZ Systems partners with Sungard AS to deliver Managed Oracle Services

Since 1997, DAZ Systems Inc. has focused singularly on providing Oracle Business Application Solutions to help companies improve their business performance while also preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges.

The El Segundo, California company relies on Sungard Availability Services to power its private cloud offerings and give its customers access to their Oracle deployments. This Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting partnership – which links DAZ’s Oracle offerings and expertise with Sungard AS’ secure, high-performance infrastructure for Managed Oracle Services – provides DAZ customers with access to stateof-the-art facilities while freeing them from worrying about their IT systems.

For Sungard AS, the alliance is especially important because as a reseller, DAZ encompasses Sungard AS’ security, cloud and resiliency offerings into their portfolio of production application hosting services to provide complete solutions to customers.

“Today, the three biggest challenges for companies managing missioncritical business systems are budget constraints, the complexity of applications, and the burden of legacy applications,” maintains Walt Zipperman, DAZ Systems’ CEO. “Cloud-based hosting services can really streamline the management of critical ERP applications and give organizations more time to run their businesses.”

Mitsui Foods Inc., which supplies green coffee beans, juice concentrates and canned food products to customers from its Norwood, NJ headquarters, is one such customer. (See related customer study on pg. 3.) Mitsui Foods not only benefits from DAZ Systems’ Oracle expertise and Sungard AS’ superior hosting environment with disaster recovery services; it gains efficiencies from only having “one relationship to manage.” This relationship simply makes sense, says Albert Caamic, Mitsui Foods’ SVP, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer.

As a DAZ customer, Mitsui Foods simply contacts their DAZ representative who, in turn, confers with Sungard AS counterparts when the need arises. In addition to this bifurcation, Sungard AS’ deep knowledge of Oracle software and hardware solutions offers a distinct value to DAZ and its customers.

In addition, companies considering DAZ understand that they will gain access to Sungard AS’ highly available environments, its ability to scale easily to meet their growth needs, and the full breadth of the Sungard AS portfolio. In other words, Mitsui Foods knows that if a disaster occurs or threatens to disrupt its IT service, Sungard AS – with its disaster-recovery expertise – can easily migrate Mitsui Foods’ data to another of its data centers.

For DAZ, Sungard AS’ broad capabilities help it attract customers. Eric Andresen, DAZ Vice President of Support Operations, notes that customers recognize the value the Sungard AS partnership offers with not only availability services, but also disaster recovery, business continuity and security offerings to support their growth. In addition, DAZ points out to prospective customers both the large size and bulletproof nature of Sungard AS’ infrastructure for monitoring, reporting and dealing with customer service tickets, especially when compared to competitors.

Further, since Sungard AS hosts DAZ’s cloud environment, it handles compliance and other issues so DAZ IT professionals can focus on other value-added duties. Andresen comments that his DAZ sales deck for prospective customers has four Sungard AS slides. The first outlines the relationship with Sungard AS; another details both partners’ Oracle expertise; another explains the division of duties; and the last emphasizes that Sungard AS possesses SSAE16- audited data centers, a mature infrastructure, sophisticated ticketing systems, and 24/7 support and monitoring.

As for security, Andresen says the Sungard AS name alone signifies tight security – both inside its facilities and outside in cyberspace, underscored with plentiful redundancy to further toughen security.

“Mention the Sungard AS name in the context of security, and that issue’s off the table,” says Andresen

About DAZ Systems Inc.
  • Headquarters: El Segundo, California
  • Specializes in delivering Oracle enterprise software and systems to help improve companies’ business performance
  • More than 375 senior consultants
  • Industry: Oracle software provider
  • Sungard AS Solutions: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting partnership, hosts DAZ’s ERP software customers in its environment

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  • Pre-certified virtualized Oracle hardware and environment (e.g. Red Stack), including monitoring, reporting, and 24/7 support
  • Resilient multi-site deployment with ability to transition production from primary to secondary environment in the event of a disruption
  • Move from capex to opex financing using a utility-based model contracting for easily scaled VMs at a monthly fee, rather than purchasing costly hardware
  • Monitoring, backups and management of the operating systems – hardware, lifecycle management with servers and blades supported by Oracle firmware updates

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Working with industry-leading technology partners, we are able to provide proven availability solutions tailored to the unique needs of your business. Unlike other companies offering individual technology services, Sungard AS is focused on providing responsive and integrated Cloud, managed services and disaster recovery, IT consulting and business continuity management software solutions to keep you and your information connected. Sungard AS provides for application availability using end-to-end data protection solutions to help you manage your data more efficiently, effectively and securely. The result is a flexible, cost-effective way to help ensure your data is there when you need it: Always

Mitsui Foods Views its Managed Oracle Services Partnership* as ‘Win-win’ for IT Availability

When Mitsui Foods decided five years ago to consolidate the Norwood, NJ company’s enterprise resource planning software (ERP), they sought a new provider of the businessmanagement system. Its software then was 15 years old and they recognized that the technology was changing so fast, businesses like theirs needed to keep up. They quickly selected Oracle, based on a positive previous vendor relationship with DAZ Systems, a Platinum level member of the Oracle Partner Network.

“It’s like riding a bike. If you don’t keep pedaling, you’ll fall off,” Albert B. Caamic, Mitsui Foods SVP, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer explains. “If we had not updated to a new ERP system, we may have hampered our growth. We wouldn’t have been able to provide the level of detailed information required by our sales group and suppliers, and even our customer service would have been affected.”

In 2013, DAZ partnered with Sungard AS for hosting and infrastructure management, offering a total Managed Oracle Services solution. “We were excited to learn that Sungard AS would be our hosting provider and when DAZ presented the partnership, it just made sense. We are now on Oracle Red Stack in a state-ofthe-art Sungard AS data center and supported by DAZ.”

The hosting implementation took three months. Caamic says a great relationship with DAZ and Sungard AS led to the on schedule go-live in February 2014. “It was a great implementation,” as Caamic describes it, largely because the DAZ managers conferred with Sungard AS on any issue that emerged. “It is much more efficient for me,” he says, allowing his small IT team to concentrate on their e-commerce business – which is critical for growing revenue.

With Oracle ERP and the production application hosting provided by Sungard AS, Caamic says his concerns about managing such a complex environment vanished, allowing Mitsui Foods to improve visibility with its food vendors by tracking the status of orders better and paying suppliers faster. It also provides better information to its sales personnel via the Oracle dashboard of software offerings, which helps its customers better project their future food and beverage needs.

The Sungard AS Oracle environment offers Mitsui Foods a utility-based model for its virtual machines at a monthly fee, rather than purchasing costly hardware – allowing them to shift from a capex to opex model. In addition, Mitsui Foods worked with Sungard AS to incorporate a multi-site deployment to support disaster recovery objectives. “We all know that Sungard AS is a top name when it comes to protecting data resources,” he says. “Without those services, we wouldn’t be able to function if a disruption occurred.”

“Our wish list became a reality” says Caamic, “with many efficiencies being gained.”