IT Consulting Services


Helping Provide Uninterrupted Access To Your Mission Critical Systems And Data

"Keep the lights on with fewer people and less money. Also, help keep us compliant with increasingly complex regulations. And if you can, help evolve the IT organization so that it supports our strategic business priorities, too. Don't just sit there and manage infrastructure. Oh! And no downtime, either."

Sound familiar? As an IT professional today, you're facing more challenges than ever. Fortunately, Sungard Availability Services is here to help.

Our company has more than three decades of experience in business and technology availability. Our consulting teams will work hard alongside your team to address the critical challenges you face, no matter what your industry is. We have a track record of success in engaging with clients across the following four areas:

As Sungard Availability Services' IT consultants, we see ourselves as your partner. It is our mission to help you improve the availability, security, recoverability, and performance of your business, all while staying compliant with regulatory mandates.