What are application hosting managed services?

Mission-critical enterprise applications require high-end maintenance to ensure availability. Properly administering today's demanding application environments and their numerous databases is likely straining your IT staff and may ultimately become too burdensome to manage in the long-term. Additionally, there may be cross-application platforms that require strict security and compliance requirements to manage.


Managed application services help you design, transition, and operate your complex application environments with ease. These services help your company host core enterprise applications on the cloud, ensuring optimum performance and availability. Optimization of application performance helps support strategic goals of your business and provides for maximum uptime.

Some of the business benefits of using managed applications services include:

  • Improved performance and availability - Infrastructure and failover expertise delivers optimum uptime. The automated processes minimize human error and accelerate rollouts.
  • Optimized cost and efficiency - By leveraging investments in process, automation, monitoring, and management, you can lower support costs to a large extent.
  • Enhanced IT focus – IT staff will have reduced workloads to focus on other mission-critical activities.

Collaborating with a provider with high process knowledge, expert monitoring systems, and round-the-clock management of application performance and availability can help meet peak demands of your mission-critical applications.

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