What are the benefits of hybrid cloud computing?

A hybrid cloud computing environment integrates public and private clouds to derive maximum benefits from multiple deployment models. You can keep mission-critical data and applications in the private cloud and other non-critical ones in the public cloud. Though it is an integrated cloud environment, both private and public clouds remain as unique entities offering complementary benefits. With hybrid clouds, you get the security and elasticity of a private cloud and the affordability and scalability of the public cloud.


Power your Hybrid Approach with Sungard Availability Services

Sungard Availability Services provides an integrated, hybrid cloud computing model that helps you stay in control of your business and ensure complete integrity of your data, without the added expense of maintaining a data center.

Benefits of using Sungard AS' hybrid cloud computing:

  • Cost-efficiency – Avoid the additional expense of building and maintaining your own data center and run your infrastructure and disaster recovery models on the cloud instead
  • High availability and resiliency – Have access to applications and data stored in the cloud and retrieve when required. You get multiple layers of security and failover options to keep your business running
  • Building new functionalities – Add new functionalities without adding more resources

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