What is business continuity management?

A successful Business Continuity Management (BCM) strategy creates a culture of availability. You need to develop strategically sound business continuity management plans and governance processes that help maintain uninterrupted access to mission-critical data, systems, processes, and people, regardless of the severity of the disruption.


Sungard Availability Services is a recognized leader in the BCM space and provides comprehensive services to meet the most demanding business availability requirements. We also recognize that BCM needs to be about actionable outcomes. A paper plan or program isn't any good if it can't deliver when recovery actions are needed.

Sungard Availability Services BCM solutions are about:

  • Driving engagement so everyone can collaborate and identify risks that matter
  • Gaining real-time awareness of IT, people, and processes during an incident without manual intervention
  • Proving that recovery will work when needed

If your existing business continuity plans require a fresh assessment or your business continuity strategy is a new venture, we are prepared to help you get to where you need to be.

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