What is the difference between a disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan?

Successful recovery after a disaster is wholly dependent on your business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Disaster recovery planning and business continuity are two different concepts. It is important to understand the difference between the two so you can come through a disaster, without any damage to your data or your reputation.


Disaster recovery (DR) is a subset of overall business continuity planning; it is the process of saving data with the sole aim of recovering it in the event of disaster. A DR plan involves data backup at secondary sites and ways of recovering it so that business can access it again.

Business continuity (BC), on the other hand, is business-centric and not data-centric; it involves all those processes involved in ensuring continuity of IT in case of system or natural disasters. The key elements involved in business continuity planning include the location of the business, equipment, staffing, and the actual recovery procedures.

Business continuity and disaster recovery plans vary from company to company. To ensure business continuity and effective disaster recovery in the cloud, collaborate with Sungard Availability Services for efficient BC and DR plans that help you stay ahead in the marketplace.

Business Continuity Assurance with Sungard Availability Services

Sungard AS' BC and DR solutions focus on operational risk and help you create a business continuity and disaster recovery plan that will enable you to respond to disasters with the right technology and infrastructure.

From highly experienced personnel to secure data centers and powerful network capability, Sungard provides you with enterprise-class infrastructure to meet your recovery and continuity plans. Our DR/BS plan includes:

  • Intuitive design for users
  • Easy access to information from anywhere, anytime, and from any device
  • Real-time data and contextual insight for better awareness
  • Test and program status reporting
  • Continuous testing and management
  • Development, execution and documentation of DR/BC processes

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