Why is business continuity planning important?

Business Continuity Planning (BCP) is the key to improving resiliency. It is an on-going coordinated program of plans, procedures, and strategies to ensure your critical resources are available in the event of a disruption.


The BCP process helps you to assess your application availability priorities and create a suitable plan that enables your business to resume normal operations after a disaster or outage. The assessment includes the identification of risks and threats, and their impacts on your daily operations. With an actionable plan, you can quickly restore your systems, applications, and their associated data.

The importance of business continuity planning lies in the fact that it helps bridge the gap between disaster and recovery. It also helps you to:

  • Protect your stakeholders – customers, vendors, and employees
  • Work out service alternatives for continued support
  • Minimize the downtime, or even eliminate it completely
  • Establish customer confidence and limit financial losses
  • Comply with federal and state compliance regulations

The real world challenges of creating and maintaining business continuity plans are lack of expertise and increasing business complexities and operating costs. Moreover, your organization may be using an outdated or a non-compliant plan that will not suffice, considering the rise in new types of cyber threats and crimes.

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