What is a business impact analysis?

At its core, a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a time-tested method for identifying vital business functions, processes, applications, and dependencies to better understand the potential impacts a business will suffer should these become unavailable. When the impacts are taken into consideration in the business continuity planning process, they help to define adverse effects on staff, regulatory requirements, corporate reputation, and service quality.


The information uncovered during a BIA engagement will pinpoint what is most important to your business from operational and financial perspectives. It will also increase awareness pertaining to application Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). A Maximum Allowable Outage (MAO) helps create a prioritized summary of recovery objectives (at the department level) should the business experience a loss of facility, loss of staff, or loss of IT capabilities.

A Sungard Availability Services' Business Impact Analysis engagement is a recommended step toward the advancement of organizational operational resilience. Our best-in-class BIA is designed to prioritize business processes, identify key applications, and address any regulatory issues that may present a risk to your ability to conduct business.

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