What does a cloud computing consultant do?

There has been a growing interest and demand for cloud computing solutions in recent times. The world seems to be moving towards purpose-specific clouds - public, private, hybrid, community, etc. Choosing the right cloud strategy and architecture for your company can help you reap the maximum benefits offered by cloud computing.


To make a well informed decision before moving to the cloud, you need to:

  1. Assess systems and processes that can be easily virtualized

    Map your strategic business goals and their associated critical applications. Take your compliance requirements into careful consideration for each application that is transitioning to the cloud. Apps that have different capacity specifications during specific seasons (like holiday sales or fall registrations) can be kept in-house and moved to a hybrid cloud when required.

  2. Identify the right resource pools

    Cloud computing works on the pay-per-use model. Look for apps that can share cloud space because resource pooling can help keep your costs low and optimized.

  3. Collaborate with people having the right expertise

    Select a cloud partner with extensive experience to help you choose the right cloud architecture strategy. Assess your existing staff skills on the basis of a few parameters like their roles and responsibilities, and the training they require to start managing the new architecture.

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