What are data center hosting services?

Many companies are moving to external data centers to store their business data to build or enhance their IT capability. This is because in-house servers pose various business challenges related to power, UPS, cooling, communication lines, back-up power, security, etc.


With data center hosting services, you can improve your reliability and capability while keeping your server in a safer and compliant environment. If you are looking for data center hosting services to support your global operations, you need to evaluate the following factors:

  • Data center location and access - Controlled security procedures, exterior security cameras, security guards, multiple layers of security, etc.
  • Data center communication and backbone - Carrier-grade Internet with multiple carrier feeds into the data center. Check for reliability and redundancy using a FMEA or similar analysis.
  • Power and cooling facilities – Redundant power management, air conditioners, chilled water towers, early detection smoke alarms, etc.
  • Regulatory compliance - ISO-audited procedures as well as certifications such as SSAE 16 Type II.
  • Other services - Temperature monitoring, branch circuit monitoring, and software for collecting, analyzing, and displaying data.

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