What are disaster recovery programs?


Businesses today recognize that an interruption, breach, or disaster can have far-reaching negative consequences in terms of customer satisfaction, company reputation, and financial costs. Business resiliency depends on having a solid disaster recovery strategy that ensures long-term sustainability and manageability. To build an efficient and effective disaster recovery program, you need to ask yourself a few questions first:

  • Do you have the requisite budget, skills, and resources to build and support an in-house disaster recovery program?
  • Can you support a secondary data center, including the added hardware and software required?
  • Do you have the funding for the recovery software, servers, software licenses, and necessary upgrades?
  • Do you have the dedicated human resources and time to implement and maintain the entire framework?
  • If you have a recovery program, are daily changes reflected in your production and recovery environments?

To set up a comprehensive disaster management program that matches your business needs, you may require an expert who will work closely with you to ensure your applications are up at all times.

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