What are disaster recovery technologies?

Disaster Recovery (DR) planning ensures the continuation of vital business processes in the event of a disaster. It is about proactively working towards business resiliency.


Here's a quick glance at some of the DR technologies widely used today:

  • Archiving and Backup - Data that may not be required for everyday activities, but which needs to be maintained to meet compliance purposes, can be archived
  • Continuous data protection – Maintains a record of every transaction with the most recent clean copy easily retrievable
  • Snapshots - Copies of data are made from a source to a target system at preset set points to enable timely restoration
  • Tape – A tape cartridge is stored offsite with the copied content
  • Disk - Data is moved to another disk in a storage array
  • Virtual tape library - A staging device that comprises of disks that mimics a tape library
  • Data deduplication – Eliminates the need for duplicate files and blocks and optimizes bandwidth use during recovery
  • Failover - Servers are configured to enable standby secondary devices to take over from primary ones in the case of failure, or scheduled downtime

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