What is disaster recovery testing?

DR testing is the equivalent of a “dress rehearsal” for a disaster.


DR testing allows you to:

  • Assess where things could go wrong
  • Ensure that you create a plan for timely backup and quick restoration
  • Set the right expectations with your IT teams
  • Understand how to utilize resources in case there is a multiple disaster recovery situation and to adjust your recovery priorities accordingly
  • Determine real-time ramifications such as data and application dependencies, contractual obligations, potential damage to reputation, financial ramifications, etc.

Some disaster recovery testing tips to use:

  • Test at random - Schedule at least one test at an inconvenient time to see how your processes respond to an external event
  • Test for loss of infrastructure or key personnel – Assess how long it takes for recovery in times of natural disaster
  • Check if updates are in place - Ensure that all new requirements for infrastructure, reorganization, and growth are addressed in your DR plan. Stay on top of change management
  • Document your tests – Record procedures, identifiable risks, and all other pertinent data related to recovery to streamline the recovery process after an event

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