Why choose cloud computing over hosting services?

Cloud computing is an on-demand/self-service solution that offers resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and broad network access. It allows you to deploy resources immediately without a long approval processes or long-term commitments. You can easily host applications, infrastructures and data platforms in the cloud without the need for any license buys or complex hardware/software upgrades. It is easy to introduce revenue-generating services and streamline the use of IT infrastructure.

Cloud hosting enables you to host your applications on the cloud when you are limited by tight budgets, resources, and advanced technology. Cloud hosting services offer fail-over expertise to ensure optimum uptime, application availability, and accelerated roll-outs.


Cloud hosting makes business more agile, reliable, and self-sufficient, while cloud computing is economical, scalable, and designed to minimize downtime.

You need to choose between cloud hosting and computing depending on what your business goals and priorities are.

Sungard Availability Services addresses all your cloud computing and hosting concerns by delivering secure production and recovery solutions in the cloud.

Move to the cloud with Sungard AS

Sungard AS has built an enterprise-grade cloud offering to ensure you don't have downtime due to infrastructure failures. Sungard AS helps you integrate legacy systems, manage and recover applications, and build and manage the cloud infrastructures. We offer secure access to multi-tenant, private clouds and provide support for hybrid IT environments, as well. Some of our key services include:

  • Enterprise management - We provide world-class IT infrastructure and operational assistance within a multi-tenant, dedicated or private cloud platform. Our fully-managed cloud solution delivers all the necessary compute, storage, network, and backup that you need
  • Recoverability to cloud – We offer you multiple levels of cloud data security and secure access with a wide selection of recovery options depending on your application criticality/li>
  • High availability – Our excellent process control system helps you recover crucial cloud data and ensures efficient management of the production environment. We use the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3 support to ensure transparency, accountability, and complete ownership of the IT Service Management

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