What is Hybrid Cloud Environment?

The hybrid cloud uses at least one public and one private cloud, each performing distinct functions. You can maximize its efficiency by managing mission-critical applications and data in the private cloud, and other less critical ones in the public cloud.


Sungard Availability Services Cloud Services focus on delivering complete business value for production, test and development, and recovery requirements. We help you:

  • Integrate, manage, and recover applications
  • Build and manage the cloud infrastructures
  • Access secure multi-tenant, private or public clouds

The business benefits of Sungard Availability Services include:

  • Availability – Multiple layers of security and failover options keep your business up and running
  • Agility – Scale resources up and down on demand to meet your business requirements. This helps you to expand as you grow
  • Cost – Take advantage of the efficiencies of virtualization and focus on other strategic initiatives
  • Stability – Strict process discipline and change management processes to minimize risk and ensure application stability
  • Resource optimization – Expertise in managing your application and recovery environment

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